Handle, Definitive Sleeves Reader for Android

Apart from my great love for Android, another of my great passions is read Japanese comic, or as it is often called, manga, and by them I would define as otaku apart from geek. Is always good to be able to put together my two hobbies as best you can, and few apps there for that Mango.

Mango is surely the best reader of sleeves that we can find in Google Play, and if it got together it with a tablet, the experience is nothing short of a delight for the amateur. The service allows us to read mangas from different sources in English and Spanish, each one with its qualities of translations and image.

Among its functions we are with reading the manga offline, that it can be perfect if you want to read a series during a trip and do not want to pull mobile connection. We can prepare it that Manager will go down chapters one by one, and can download hundreds of chapters thanks to your download manager.

Another feature is the of follow the progress of each series, ideal if we are reading many series and do not want to sign a document where we are going. And the most interesting feature is the of the series tracking, allowing you to notify you when comes a new chapter of such series and even automate loa download nothing else exit.

All this with multiple reading options, either by removing the notification bar during playback, make that displacement must be done from left to right or right-left, scroll with the volume buttons or set an initial zoom pages. It is certainly a very complete and effective option, doing that in conjunction of a tablet is ideal for every follower of the Japanese comic.

Mango ~ comic reader Version 1.6.180

  • Version of Android: Since 2.1
  • Developer: Leetsoft
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: free
  • Category: Tools

Mango is a free, fast, and powerful app to read comics and manga on your Android smartphone or tablet. Choose from a library of thousands of fan-translated titles from 9 different websites and view them right on your device!