Halloween Costumes of The Stars

Halloween is a much-loved festival in America, one of the most popular, involving families, schools and entire neighborhoods. To get an idea of what Halloween is for the Americans just think of any show, the episode dedicated to Halloween never fails, from “Modern Family” to “Grey’s Anatomy” from “CSI” to “How I Met Your Mother “. The celebrities adore dressing up in a bizarre and flashy, beautiful dresses and elaborate that can be a source of inspiration for us.

There are celebrities who have a real passion for Halloween, among them there are definitely Marc Jacobs that every year is transformed into the most absurd things: turkey, leg of elephant, gorilla, pig etc. Heidi Klum loves Halloween and every year we really shows costumes crazy, until now we have always seen disguises paired with Seal , her ex-husband, now we will see what will be invented. Among the coolest costumes of the former model Victoria’s Secret are the one from the corpse with exposed muscles, the one chimpanzee and one from cat sexy.

Kim Kardashian does not give up to show off her curves even at Halloween and in fact his costumes are always very mischievous, panther spotted with lace inserts, Little Red Riding Hood with a very short skirt, fairy woods, mermaid etc.Even Paris Hilton always sporting costumes that enhance its beauty, very cute the dress as Queen of Hearts, but also by Brazilian dancer, both with very deep neckline, high heels and stockings! Then there are those who perpetually live as on Halloween, which have made ​​it a way of life, and among these the most representative exponent is Anna dello Russo, his outfit for the Halloween night are not so different from those which sports habitually!

Most loved costumes are those of the vampire, both for women than for men, witches and kittens, even improvised as those of Jessica Alba or Jennifer Gardner, the mummies and the sorcerers, the Disney princesses in both classic and romantic that in the modern version, such as Cinderella desperate with torn skirt and makeup ruined by Julie Bowen, the most likeable Claire Dunphy of modern Family. An ironic costumes and much loved is to be Miss America, the queen with dress etiquette by candy colors and with the crown of an ordinance in your hair, like the beautiful singer Fergie or that, most irreverent, in queen version devastated, of Leona Lewis!

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