Hairstyling By Ax

I am asked quite often for hair styling products: “Do you know a good gel?”, “Which wax are you using?” Or “How do you get your hair like that?”. Unfortunately, I never had an answer to this question. -Since I try quite a lot and regularly test new products, it is actually rare in the one or the other product. Of course, some products are better suited for a hairdresser than others, but without constantly trying different things, one would not come to it. And so I buy, when the one product is empty, then usually another, for me still unknown.

From the 6th of February, there is also something new again: Who ever in the drugstore market in front of the shelves after a shower gel or Deodorant has kept looking, surely synonymous schonmal toAX . The brand, which has become known for its deodorants and its quite unusual commercials, is expanding its own product range and is launching a hairstyling series.

AX starts with 5 shampoo variants (each 300 ml, UVP 3,89 EUR), 2 styling gels (125 ml each, UVP 4,49 EUR) and 4 wax/styling pots (75 ml each, UVP 4,49 EUR) into a new era and actually covers almost every men’s wish. – Testing can begin!

I was able to test the new products before the official sales start, which made my blogger heart beat faster! Testing, testing, testing…

I looked at the products a bit closer to my undercut and look for a natural look. The “Dual 2 in 1” shampoo, which is both shampoo, but also rinsing, and the “Smart Look” pot (wax), the “Intense Clean” shampoo that is particularly good for styling residues, Which ensures a matt effect.

The “Internal Clean” I have the same time tested first. As the black-green packaging already suggested, the shampoo looks something like green glibber. This can also be used in addition to actual use also some nice pranks with  Is only shampoo! – But also the application holds what it promises, the hair can be very good of any residues free and the hair feels then very “thick” and strengthened.Same effect I have already with one or other “volume shampoos” can determine.

The “Dual 2 in 1”, on the other hand, is rather for the unruly hair.The hair is completely foamed and it can be applied for a few minutes. Then simply wash it thoroughly. The hair is then slightly softer and smoother. For my hair type not suitable for every day, but for the week really recommendable. For men who have very strong and unruly hair, perhaps a solution to curb hair.

Finally, I tested the “Smart Look” Pot, which contains a blue, very soft Wax. This can easily be rubbed into the hands and incorporated into the hair. It gives the hair a light, quite natural hold. Individual strands can be easily worked out. One should only pay attention that you do not take too much of it, otherwise the hair becomes quite heavy and then acts rather “greasy” than matt.

Overall, I am surprised by the quality of the AX Hairstyling products, they are absolute “newcomers” in the segment. But here too, Unilever, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of hair care products, has contributed to its success. The smell of the products I am also a bit surprised, which is the same for all products. I had rather expected that there are AX-typical different odors. But that does not mean anything bad. The smell of the products is male, slightly distinctive, and fresh, similar to a shower gel.

Whose interest was now aroused, the products should test themselves times. There is something for everyone. Whether gel, wax, paste or styling cream. And the price can not be argued. So try and share your experiences in the comments!