Hair with Centre Parting

Follow the hair trends you seem challenging activity? Do not despair! On the catwalks and on the head celeb has been spotted the timeless middle row. And now no he can do without it. Preparation time: 10 seconds flat.
The parades are clear: on the catwalks have been seen tons of rustling hair and wind, but there is a trend that is immediately striking: the central line.

And the best news is that this winning hairstyle is not only suitable to the statuesque supermodel Russian, but also to us mere mortals!

The classic line in the center has always been loved by stylists hairstyle because it does not distract from the clothes. It helps give you a heart shape to your face (see: takes away a few years) and gives your look a casual twist. It is a boho wire, especially if enriched with a few accessories, but it can also seem like super clean and current.

It is no surprise that many celeb have been glimpsed through their middle row: Stella McCartney, Olivia Palermo, Alexa Chung and Laura Bailey. Result? Now parted in the middle has become a touch of essential style.

And now is a standard for models like Kate Moss, Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner.

So if you want to change, you can put 10 seconds: just flip your hair and maintain a central line.

As a general rule this hairstyle is suitable for most people, except the ones with the round shape face or with a high forehead. Of course, for some it may be slightly stiff. But here’s a little tip: the line must not be perfect and a bit messy is ideal. The hair of Kate Moss should be your model: you make the middle line with your fingers (and not with a comb) and slightly raises the roots. This is the turning point!