Hair Tips and the Phases of the Moon

Tips on the relationship between hair and moon phases.

If you believe that the moon is related to your hair, check out some hair tips and the phases of the moon. Cutting hair on the full moon is recommended for those who have little hair, as this phase of the moon helps to fill it. Already in the waning one, the hair grows more slowly, but more thickens the wires. A good tip is to consult the lunar calendar and schedule with your hairdresser, so you do not risk forgetting.   From how much in how much time we must cut the hair for it to be beautiful and strong. Every two months I recommend cleaning the ends. How long it is good to moisturize the hair. Once a week for weak / dry hair and for normal hair every 15 days. Making lots of brush damages the wires. The problem with brushing is not in quantity, but in the way it is made. Passing a “protector” against the heat of the dryer and keeping a minimum distance of 5 cm from the hair dryer is essential. Strain the dryer on the wires, burning and hangover hair. Full Moon is the best phase to publicize new jobs, move houses, schedule meetings and cut hair for growth with stronger wires and adequate volume. According to the astral guide, the seven days after the beginning of the Full Moon are favorable to activities that require willpower and determination. The waning moon also brings good luck to the hair, keeping the cut that has been made longer. This phase is also usually good for performing surgeries, starting diets for weight loss and for ending unfinished activities. In New Moon, those people I have frequent hair loss, should take advantage of this stage to cut the hair, because as the first of the cycle of the Moon, in this period the growth of hair is accelerated, and should be stimulated with a cut. Since Crescent Moon is ideal for those who dyed hair and did not like the final result, cutting hair at this stage, the growth will be even faster, helping to eliminate the dye earlier these were the tips of hair and the phases of the moon.

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