Guide to Caring for You Jacket

Investing in a quality wardrobe is something we write daily.Today we thought we instead focus on how best to care for their garments. We give you 5 concrete tips on how to best care for their jackets.

  1. Gallows

First, always make sure the jacket hanging on a real clothes hanger with wide shoulders that fill out and provide support. Thin kemtvättsgalgar are at long-term disastrous for the shape of a well-sewn kavajaxel. If you did not receive a quality hanger when it bought the jacket, such, for example, Cedar is a good investment as it provides a good scent and keeps banging away from the wool.

2. Storage

Jackets should be stored in the dark and cool place and not in direct sunlight or damp conditions where garments can become moldy. When hanging jackets, they should always have a couple of centimeters apart so they can fall freely. As mentioned above, hints of cedar wood in either hanger or closet can be a great way to keep moths away from jackets in wool. If, due to lack of space in the closet store jackets that are not in season in the basement or garage, it is equally important that they are kept from moisture and placed in kostymgarderober (case) and must hang freely.

  1. Use

A Blazer are best off getting rest in between uses. Thicker fabrics like flannel, linen or tweed can rest at least 48 hours at the gallows to regain form and hang out wrinkles. If you want to quickly get the jacket smooth after it had been packed in a bag in your suitcase, you can use the steam from the hot water in the shower and simply hang the jacket on a hanger in the bathroom while showering.

  1. Dry cleaning

To dry clean a Blazer should be done sparingly. When dry cleaners such as wool so you risk drying out the natural fats found in feathers. Any time a year is enough well, or of course if you got an ugly stain on the jacket. Remember to be very careful with the dry cleaning you visit. If the jacket has a beautiful curled shot if you want to absolutely avoid this pressed flat due to lack of competence among dry cleaners. For everyday refreshment, it is usually best to sniff his jacket on his clothes hanger on the balcony, or outside of the House for a few minutes.

  1. Brush

Another complement to sniff the jacket is to brush it. This is done with a specific garment brush helps to remove dust and fluff and lift the wool fibers and restores the luster. A real clothes brush should be as obvious in the closet as a horse hair brush is for the shoes. Jackets in wool can generally be brushed in an independent direction but if you have a jacket in cashmere brushed it with advantage in fibre direction for reduced wear.