Guide How To Dress Well In The Summer With The Looks Of J.Crew

Men live in doubt of how to dress well in the summer, because the warm season reduces the alternatives of combination of parts, unlike winter which allows much more assorted overlays.

Luckily we have the lookbooks and campaigns of brands that are dedicated to dress the modern man of simple, but elegant, as is the case of j. Crew. The American store has existed since 1983 and specializes in essential clothes and stripped. In this post, programingplease will show a cross-section of male previous campaigns looks (the current is still winter) who bring valuable inspiration to those who live with the thermometers upstairs.

1-Summer Walk In The Sand

Who’s going to the beach can rethink the visuals to the sea, as well as in urban, Bermuda ultra colorful combinations can make room for simpler models combined with linen or cotton shirts with trim “comfort”. Floral or botanical prints, one of the highlights of the season, are a good alternative.

2-Urban Summer Stripped

Short-sleeved shirts and polos are basis for the look that can combine them with shorts or pants. The navy style, with blue by pairing with white is a hit, but it is not mandatory, on sunny days bright colors make the visual cute and nice to look at, so don’t steal the right to choose a burnt pink, light green or orange. The shoes are still the ideal canvas sneakers, and the simpler the better.

3–Sophisticated Summer

Those who do not give up clothes with a certain touch of sophistication doesn’t have to be desperate in summer, current trends allow you to mix a suit or shirt of tailoring with casual and fresh pieces. In fact, a costume with t-shirt and white sneakers type slip on is the most current.The colors are more contained in this style, but nothing prevents you from giving your personal touch and invest in a more striking piece, as long as she doesn’t sound like an exaggeration. Accessories like watches with bracelet NATO and the iconic Panama Hat add style points to combo.

Remember These Basic Rules:

Focuses on natural fabrics, as are fresher;

Has long sleeve? Fold! You’re going to wear pants? Fold!

Protect the head, the Sun will not facilitate;

Currently the socks are optional and if you can’t live without them try the invisible;

Light colors whenever you can;

The winning the belts looks, choose carefully;

Try taking a break to the heavy shoes, try boat shoes and slip ons;

Don’t forget your sunscreen!

If you’re new to the site of j. Crew recommend a visit, have a lot of cool stuff there and they sell to Brazil, the problem is those inflated precinho because parts are of high quality, something prohibitive in time to make the conversion and pay the fees. In the worst case you will see a lot of stylish clothes and interesting.