Grilling In The Winter

At dinner in the winter, you think probably Christmas sweets, gingerbread and Christmas dinner by candlelight. That the summer is over and the sun goes down at the end of the afternoon, does not mean that you can enjoy a summer activities. Have you ever thought of organizing a winter barbecue? With the following tips, which is a guaranteed success!

Grilling In The Winter

What type of Grill do you need

Grills are available in various shapes and sizes, but not every grill is suitable for use in the winter, according to It’s cold outside and cold affects the temperature of the grill. Keep in mind, therefore, that the grill, you want to use in the winter, contains a lid so that heat cannot escape. A good winter Grill is for example the master touch of Weber. The master touch is a wood charcoal grill with a GBS (Gourmet barbecue system) grill rack. With this system, you can remove the middle part of the grill and replace with for example a wok or frying pan. The master touch is available in different colours. A nice marginal: 2017 including 1 January you will receive a cashback when purchasing different grills Weber up to a maximum of €200!

What is the perfect place to put the grill

Best find a place out of the wind, so that the grill can optimally use the internal heat. At a grill with a lid, heat remains generally in the inside of the grill, but if it blows, then it is more difficult to keep the temperature constant. In addition, it is even more convenient, for you, if you can stay in a place where they are protected from the wind.

Keep warm your guests and yourself

Very important: Heat! Let your guests know that they warm to dress, so that they are prepared well for the cold. To do this, we wrote by the way, still a post recently. You could put some fire baskets or Sweden fire. Looks not only comfortable, but her guests can remember warm up and chat with a glass of mulled wine in the hand and exchange news. Put some Blanketsmaterial ready so that someone, it’s still cold, can turn a blanket. If you want to produce even more heat, you then opt for a patio heater. In our Mega store and in our webshop you will find heaters in various forms and sizes in different price categories. Check out ultra painting the Eurom Golden 2000. This heating can let hang quietly outside, even if it rains or snows. Tip for the cook: think of heat-resistant gloves. It’s not pleasant to work with cold hands. With heat-resistant gloves, have you and warm hands and you don’t have worry about, that you burn your hands.


With above tips, your winter barbecue is determined to be a great success. But there is still something missing: what make you actually on the grill? If you lack inspiration, the purchase of the book ‘Weber Winter Grilling’ would be a tip. Find this book in our store and it contains many recipes that you perfectly ‘can mimic in the winter months’. In addition to magnificent meat recipes, find various side dishes, sauces and beverages in this book and finally to prepare a complete meal on the grill.