Grandmas Day: Old Fashion Back As Trend

July 26th is grandparents day and today’s text is inspired on them that spoil us so much.Our grandmother’s closet is full of clothes that have been very successful, and have been forgotten over time.But for those who love a more retro style is ideal because it contains various accessories and pieces of clothing that have returned as a trend nowadays.Check out some tips on things you can borrow from your grandmother’s wardrobe the next time you visit her.

Pearl necklace

In the 60’s, it was not difficult to find a woman in the street who had a necklace of pearls around her neck.It is a delicate and romantic accessory, making the look elegant on any occasion.For those longer models, it is cool to tie a knot to leave it at the height of the breasts.Already the short ones, they look beautiful when combined with dresses or blouses that leave the shoulders and neck the show.

Mouth Pants Trousers

It was an icon of hippie youth in the 70’s, characterized by high waist, fair on the thighs and the opening of the knee to the bar.Today, she lost some of her high waist and declined a little from the opening, changing to flaire pants.She arrived with EVERYTHING and is trend in the world of fashion.Care: it can not be too short, not too long, dragging on the floor.Ideally, the bar should be at the height of the instep or toward the sole of the shoe, almost touching the floor.

Cigarette Pants

It emerged as a collegiate clothing fashion in simplyYellowPages in the 50’s, is another piece worth recovering. Cigarette pants, for being shorter or have the bar folded, favors taller women, but the smaller ones can also wear, a little longer that helps to give an elongated look.

Poema Estampa

The polka dot pattern that was used extensively in the 1950s has always remained fashionable.Whether they are larger or smaller, black, white or colored, this print brings a lot of delicacy and femininity to the visual.The tip of the time is: for larger mannequins, it is cool to combine smaller balls, which disguise excesses.While thinner women, they should opt for larger balls to give volume.