Google Tightens Its Grip on Android 6.0 above for Producers

In Android 6.0 Marshmallow is the rules tightened up against the producers, if they want to use the software with Google apps and content preinstalled.

If you as a producer will use the Android operating system with Google’s own services and content-for example, Play-shop and the many apps preinstalled, you must accept a large number of rules and requirements, before they can be approved.

These requirements have now been strengthened in connection with the new Android version called Marshmallow, as manufacturers must follow before they get the green light by Google to sell devices with the Google content medfulgt.

Doze-batterisparefunktionen shall remain unchanged

One of the bigger news in the Android 6.0 Marshmallow is Google’s actions called Doze, which once and for all to optimize battery life-standby time – particularly on Android-powered devices.

It does this by analyzing what apps you use, and put the ones that are rarely used, in a deep sleep, so they don’t keep your phone unnecessarily running when it is in your pocket or on the bedside table. At the same time using Doze also the phone’s sensors to detect movements. When no movements are, goes the phone into an even deeper standby. Finally, but not least, you can even check what apps to apply exemptions.

Other producers, however, should neither modify Doze-batterisparefunktionen in any way or leave it for the benefit of the proprietary batterisparefunktioner. You can therefore expect to receive the same optimization of battery time regardless of which manufacturer that supplies your telephone with Android 6.0 Marshmallow.


Permissions cannot be granted for accompanying apps

Who among Android users been concerns about how the new system to grant or reject apps access to apptilladelser handles the pre-installed apps – also known as bloatware. It may be a telecommunications company or the manufacturer itself, which includes easier useless or unwanted apps, which are often entered into a collaboration with.

Google has with Android 6.0 intended that producers do not have to allow these bundled apps access to all permissions in advance. You release so for concerns that unwanted apps from accessing content that you do not even have given acceptance to. Instead requested permissions will be in step with the need to use – just like all other apps.

All Android products must be encrypted

Safety is also increased markedly in Android 6.0 Marshmallow – not because encryption is new (it came in the previous version), but because it is now required that producers implement encryption products that come with Google’s customized Android.

In practice, this means that you first time during setup of future products with Android 6.0 Marshmallow must enter a password, which is used by every boot to decrypt your phone’s content.

Encryption ensures all of your content from being read and misused, if you were to get out that the intruder will get physical access to your phone, for example, in the event of theft.

Encryption, however, lowers the speed of the internal storage space a bit, so that is why there is a limit to how slowly a Android product must provide, before encryption is no longer required.

List of requirements for the Android manufacturers is many pages long, where only a few of them are new or updated in connection with the new Android version. You should have the courage to go looking for new claims from Google, it takes place in this PDF-file.