Google Tests Page Dynamic Results (Video)

Gone are the days of static result pages, which only show a search without changing. The world is now seekers that change the results in real time, according to what the user types in the search bar. Or at least that’s what Google plans to implement in the future. The discovery was the SEO Rob Ousbey consultant who recorded a video below showing how to work dynamic results page.

According to the sources of Google OS blog internally this feature is Google called ventolin ‘streaming’. An example of how it works can be viewed in Google Alerts, where the results change according to the word you typed. And with the ReadWriteWeb points, it is not only the results page that changes as well as the Google Adwords ads shown to them.

Google has confirmed it is testing this feature with a select group of users (Ousbey was one of them) but does not warn when it should be available for the rest of the world.