Google Photo App: Screenshots Present New Features

New photo app from Google is approaching: after rumors have existed for a while, that Google plus wants to separate his photo app by Google, images of the new application to the public have reached now. Therefore, the app provides different views for the user interface, between which the user can select.

This is true for the record mode as well as for the photo library and the mode to post-processing, reports Android police. In the photo library, you have the possibility to sort pictures by date or certain persons and objects. In addition there will be “comfortable view” a so-called, in which the images to appear, as it is the case currently with photo albums in Google plus on the Web.

Google Photo App Screenshots Present New Features

New Interaction Possibilities

In the future, you have the possibility to select several photos with a single swipe gesture in the overview of your images. Also, the “Autoawesome” function has been replaced by the so called “Assistant” feature. This automatically creates you stories and animations; also you can create albums, movies, and collagen. Also editing photos simple will, for example, the cropping of images.

First rumors to the carve-out of the photo app Google plus there was already in 2014th last summer was the March 2015, that the photos will no longer automatically be linked to the own account of the social network. When the new app is officially announced, will provide certainty to a fully functional.