Google Launches Ad-Free YouTube Red

Search giant Google launches ad-free version of YouTube with premium content.

Are you preferably free of advertisements when you stream YouTube for videos, will the search giant remains undisturbed thin new service, YouTube Red, be the solution for you.

The solution will cost $ 9.99 us dollars monthly and with the new format for Google’s popular introduces a premium package that in addition to removing those pesky advertisements, also offers unique content to subscribers.

With the subscription included goods that will make YouTube more practical in everyday life. You will thus be able to save videos and playlists offline, so these can be saved to bilrejsen, flight or other places where the data connection is missing.

Subscribers will also be able to multitask while streamed, allowing you, for example, can play music videos or favorite talkshow in the background while you use your phone, or if the screen is off.

Also a competitor to Netflix and Spotify

When the service goes live, will YouTube Red-subscribers get a selection of both films and series, including exclusive content with 10 new Google-funded series. The highest-profile show, is expected to become a reality-show with YouTube star PewDiePie in the lead role and produced by the team behind ‘ The Walking Dead ‘.

At the same time follows a free subscriptions with a ditto to Google’s music service Play Music. Thus, YouTube Red create greater competition among other Spotify and Apple Music by offering free music streaming.

YouTube Rode will debut on 28 October in the country of origin United States, while a Danish counterpart will follow on a not yet published time.