Google Creates Own Page for Real-time Search

While the dynamic results page of Google is not implemented for all users of the search engine, the company will improve the other tools available for research. This time it was the option to check for updates on social networks that received improvements. More specifically, with a separate page just for her and new functions search.

Google created to separate the search function only updates. In addition to the new page, real – time research has earned an interesting feature called Full Conversations. It makes use of the ability ‘ in-reply-to ‘ of Twitter to show entire conversations that took place in the social network, splitting up the pieces where other users interfere with the conversation. The image below shows, for example, a conversation that the bigwig of TB had this morning.

In this case, the tweet that was used to get that conversation is highlighted with gray background. You can also search geographically separating the results. For example, I can search for a subject only in the updates of users who are marked that in Brazil in their profiles.