Google Could Have Shown The 5 Nexus “Accidentally” in a Video

Honestly, we don’t know that “action line” has prepared Google with your future system, 4.4 Android Kit Kat, and less still with his future replacement of the Nexus 4. We do not know if they will be presented officially in brief or a couple of months, as.

What leaves us completely messed up is the history that seeps below: Google came up yesterday a video concerning the arrival of the statue of 4.4 Android Kit Kat to the Google campus. It shows a guy with a smartphone Nexus unknown, people has become echo of the matter by the network and Google you have removed the original video.

The unknown Nexus appears in the minute the video 0:38

Obviously, it seems that We have the next Nexus 5 (if is that it is named), and do not know if Google has made this movement by the way, in order to take prominence to Apple and Nokia/Microsoft, or is it an unexpected error.

Apart from that, it seems to be that the new 5 Nexus will be manufactured, again, by LG, or that seems to indicate its blurred logo below. Its rear casing seems to be of Polycarbonate and will also feature with the Nexus logo oblong shape, as the new Nexus 7, in fact, it seems a Nexus 7 miniature.

We have to wait a while (obscure, it may be a week, it may be a month) to know that Google is plotting with his new system and its new Nexus devices.