Google Chrome for Android, Analysis

Yesterday we saw how Google Chrome He arrived at Android in beta form. Many were waiting for to jump from our computers to the mobile screen. To date, the web browser generic lipitor in mexico that comes by default in smartphones and tablets fulfilled very well its role although it was a little short.

Chrome comes to fill that gap and to mingle with other large as Opera, Dolphin Browser or look at. In computers has managed to succeed-based a good make and with the introduction of resources and very interesting features. Time will tell if it gets the same in mobile. Meanwhile, in Xataka Android we bring you an analysis for open mouth still not have been able to try it who.

Chrome for Android, adapting to mobile format

Google seeks to bring Android a experience similar to the one we have on computers. That’s something we noticed since we opened the browser. The interface has enough similarities so the first impression is very familiar: something that we already know but adapted to a smaller screen size.

Visually as well as nice Chrome is very intuitive. Priority is given to the navigation, in the end, that is the function of a browser. When we’re on a web page only we will see this and the top bar with the tab button. The menu is displayed as a vertical tab with options, Holy, and sena’s Ice Cream Sandwich.

The main menu of this version for mobile is just like its desktop namesake. A Panel series where can we see the most visited pages. Through the lower buttons we intercalamos among the favourites and pages that we are seeing in the computer, but this last talk later.

The management of tabs Chrome’s works really well. It is visually pleasant and we can change from one to another with total comfort. Within the menu where we access these if we slide your finger vertically we go from one to another. If we do it in horizontal remove the tab in question, the same gesture than to delete notifications in the taskbar.

For those who do not wish to store navigation data, the incognito mode It is also present. Very useful if we are going to give the phone to a friend and not we want that pages that we visit cotilleen.

Chrome for Android, the key is in synchronization between devices

Markers that we can synchronize the time with our GMail account. If the desktop version we have enabled this option we will have all our favorite sites at the time and in the same order. A function that is not new as the browser that comes by default in Ice Cream Sandwich also makes it though in my opinion Chrome orders it best.

While we manage our favorite also can do the same with history. Something very useful if we have become accustomed to using this service to AutoFill directions when we are typing the URL. Sometimes the function of completed goes a bit jerks but taking into account that we are in a beta version, it is tolerable.

A very interesting detail of Chrome is Desktop-Mobile integration. Before we had the Chrome extension to Phone to send a screen tabs to another. We can now do it automatically. We have open one can refer to it in the other by going to the list of pages from the main menu or by clicking on ‘Other devices’ from the menu button.

The overall performance of the browser is quite good. The rendering of the pages It is correct both vertical and landscape and shows no errors, except for specific cases. The speed as always depend on our connection but in the tests we have done we have not experienced any problems.

As a negative note we have that Chrome will not support Flash. In recent months we’ve been seeing as Google wasn’t interested in integrating Flash into Ice Cream Sandwich and although it has thus done, it seems that this format has the days counted in Android. Personally I will miss it.

As we already told yesterday Chrome at the moment It is only available for users of Ice Cream Sandwich. Surely soon will be shown a version compatible with Gingerbread, Froyo and company.

If you have installed a homemade ROM Ice Cream Sandwich, it is possible that performance left much to be desired. In some versions it works without problems, others are instead different errors in the display, hang… As they collect different users of XDA.

Chrome for Android, conclusions

Google has done a great job. It is true that there are still things to improve, let us remember that we have a beta version, but the sensations that us are very good. A simple and great integration with browser between different devices. We will see if in future they continue adding functionality with respect to his older brother. Did someone say extensions?

If you have Ice Cream Sandwich I encourage you to try it. There are still some bugs, but the performance is good enough so that we use it in our day to day and forget our favorite browser. We hope that that do not hesitate to get a version compatible with more versions.