Golden Eyes

On festive mission!

There are people who very comfortably to celebrate the feast of Christmas and those who celebrate it hugely. Since I was allowed to grow up in a Polish family, I know it only in the second variant – opulent and solemn!

Also my eye makeup, that I present to you today…

Used I have only products that shine for my eye makeup here by!

Eyeshadow · CHANEL ombre essential in 62 gold, 91 Tigerlilly and most 94 Éclairé to the fill the entire eye area, CHANEL illusion d’ombre 89 vision for the strong Glittereffekt and from the naked palette the naked tone for the shades. Eyeliner I used a pretty old zero smudge liquid in color 04 eyeliner by Estée Lauder bronze and repaired pen by Guerlain in Brune with a Khôl.

Mascara · to only have I drawn them lightly with the I love extreme mascara by essence and about mascara used the hypnosis top coat of Lancôme color 18, so that the eyelashes and eyebrows glitter!

And, would you wear it too?
I going to dive the lips of Christmas surely not in gold, was spontaneous me make-up just then, but I do definitely the eyes! Missing only gets to see yet the outfit that you come next week of us – since clamped!

What is your Christmas actually?

In every region of Poland is celebrated differently and with other food. In my family, even 3 completely different regions come together and our Christmas Eve results (which is “most important” namely us).

When we get up on the 24th of December, all but the evening fast. The adults dispense completely (or at least try it) on the food and drink only water and the small and old must take a whole meal and eat bread. The little ones do usually have a NAP, you can find out the reason later 🙂

The actual food is only in the evening. Our food consists mostly of 12 different food or, if it can be not 12 then made an odd number. Embarassingly, I forgot unfortunately which is why we do it, but I’ll read if it interests you, again anyway – traditional background!

If then is the first star in the sky to see (or the first bellies out loud start to Growl, so against 18:00 / 19:00), all meet very finely dressed up at the dining table. The table is covered with the most beautiful plates, which has MOM, and the finest silverware until then always beautiful and of course with an additional cover, an unexpected visitor who arrive should 🙂

It is from read the Christmas story from the Bible, prayed, sang a Christmas song (“Wsrod nocnej ciszy”) and dividing the “oplatek” with those which are, before dinner and wants only the best. Then everyone at his place may sit and became the first court, there are always Uszka z barszczem and then everyone can eat whatever he wants. There are for example pierogi ruskie, pierogi z kapusta i grzybami, golabki, makovka and vieeeles more 🙂 On Christmas Eve, we eat but no meat.

Then Christmas carols are sung again until Santa Claus comes, the gifts are opened and it then goes at midnight at the Christmas fair. Back home, the cold remains of Munch and sleep ;D On the other two days, someone from the family with us is basically either or we with you and it is only eaten, Sung and gifts! So 3 days party; D

Have fun