Gold Jewelry

A uniquely warm glow gold for thousands of years already practicing an almost magical effect  on people.

This legendary noble enjoys to this day lasting popularity and popularity and is appreciated by men and women alike.

A jewelry collection without quality gold jewelry? Unthinkable!

In the second part of this new series is all about the precious metals gold and its well-known and lesser-known properties. If you have you ever wondered, from which white gold is and exactly what do the carat information on your golden treasures – here you can learn it! I wish you happy reading!

Gold Jewelry: A Unique Resource

Gold leaves people for millennia dream. Through its unique luster, its rarity and its striking gravity the precious metal enjoys in many cultures a prominent position. It was v already in the 6th century. Chr. Used as means of payment used for ritual objects or processed to gold jewelry.

The name of this until today enormously coveted raw material comes from the Indo-European word “ghel”, the “blank” with or “shimmering” can be translated.

Thanks to its very high thermal and electrical conductivity, takes gold as well as silver today very much in the electrical industry use. In contrast to silver, however, much of the annual gold production for the production is today of high-quality rings , pendants and other sought-after gems used.

In this area the legendary precious metal a less publicized detail is of great benefit: Its enormous extensibility.

The relatively soft yet extremely supple precious metal can be knocked out to a thickness of 1/200 mm or even 1/1000 mm in fact. This corresponds to a thickness that is thinner by a multiple, than a human hair. The resulting wafer-thin gold leaf then softened and used for the surface finishing of jewelry.

This process, known as “plating” in the jargon, is relatively inexpensive upgrade jewels or other items allows. Unbelievable but true: With only 1g of gold leaf can cover an area of ??half a square meter.

Gold in Jewelry Form

As gold to the soft precious metals heard it is just like silver mixed with the jewelry processing with other metals to make it more resistant. However, these so-called alloys are not only the hardness of the raw material, but also simultaneously its optics.

Through the addition of other metals,changed the yellowish inherently commodity, which is known in its original form as fine gold, its color.

The so-called white gold, which is also known as gray gold, produced for example by an alloy of gold with palladium, nickel or silver.

In red, rosé and white gold the commodity silver or copper is added to In these three gold nuances of copper content decides the respective tone.

The engraved on your gold jewelry numbers are called fineness stamp. These stamps indicate how much pure gold was processed in your treasures. The fineness is always in a ratio of 1: 1000 specified.

An example: The often seen on gold jewelery 750 indicates that there are in your jewelry piece 750 of a total of 1,000 shares of pure gold.

The most common gold nuances are the just mentioned 750, 585, 375 and 333.In contrast to silver and other precious metals, gold fineness can however also be given in carats.

This fineness statement is expected at a ratio of 1:24. This means: A gem with 12 carat is exactly half of pure gold.

Its actually already millennia Popularity quality gold jewelry is considered in any form as absolutely essential, timeless classic. Whether as a memorable gift, long-term investment or simply as a small pleasure and reward, in between: this wonderful precious metal is guaranteed in the future will not lose its unique charm,