Get Dazzling on March 8 – Women’s Day

Hello women !!

March 8th is coming, International Women’s Day, our day!

And that day, nothing better than dressing well and feeling special about it. Of course, many will go out to enjoy the day and night of this special date. We like to get ready every day, imagine one day in our honor?

So let’s give a little help to anyone who is in doubt about what to wear. Here are some inspirational looks!

Look sport: band shirt+shorts jeans destroyed+sneakers+silver necklace and sunglasses.

Romantic look/day: flowery dress+maxi necklace+little dress+medium purse.

Romantic/sexy look: midi dress from alcinha+vest jeans + high heel+bag with chain handle.

Evening Look: dress that will fall+sandal heel+wallet purse with glitter+accessories with shine.

Casual look: loose white tank top+stylish tailoring shorts + Anabela sandal+wallet purse.

Casual look with jeans: jeans+stylish shirt

 Dress look: midi style envelope dress+heel sandal+necklace.

Curiosity: how the International Women’s Day was created

On March 8, 1857, workers at a textile factory in New York City made a major strike. They occupied the factory and began to demand better working conditions.But the demonstration was repressed with violence and ended in tragedy.

In the year 1910, during a conference in Denmark, it was decided that March 8 would become the “International Women’s Day”, in honor of the women of the factory in 1857, but only in 1975, by a decree, The date was made official by theUN (United Nations).

On this day that is ours alone, what really matters is to wear what you like and feel good, does not it?

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