Geri Halliwell Has Her Own Line of Swimwear

The former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell returns to be talked about presenting his first line of swimwear for summer 2016. After a long period of silence, the beautiful Halliwell is back to surprise not for his music, even if soon there will be his album out, but for a very fashion line of swimwear in glamorous models in different colors and cheerful and the juvenile forms. It seems that by now have become a real fashion is a passion for fashion styling among the celebrities!

The former Spice Girl in fact follows the path opened by fellow Victoria Beckham, fashion designer now very popular in the star system, but it is not a novelty even in our house, just remember among the celebrities who increasingly engage in the way of fashion the same Simona Ventura and his Star Chic collections.

The Halliwell tries in turn with a beach wear collection named Geri by Next. The official launch there was Friday, the Halliwell has shown excited and as she herself says in the website dedicated to the collection, the models are designed for real women, whatever their size or shape of their body. His desire is to help women to feel at ease with themselves especially at the beach.

The costumes were designed by the same singer, now thirty-eight, a nod to the camera wearing his models, winding the most for its forms still perfect. The collection offers a series of bikinis in different patterns, from leopard print topink gentler, the Black elegant, the white more refined, and is complemented by different models of cover-colored or plain.

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