Gel Nails Lasting Stretching Technique

Having long nails is the desire of many women, but with everyday tasks, they are unlikely to arrive to desired length. The application of gel nails is one of the most used stretching techniques, as it ensures a natural and long-lasting result.

“The prosthesis can be used indefinitely. Just care manicure every two or three weeks, depending on the natural nail growth, “says Shraddha manicure Moreira, master educator of Star Nail Brazil.

To do stretching, are used the tips, which are fake nails glued only on the tip of the natural nail. Once in place, the user can remove the cuticle and sprinkle nails normally, because the nail polish remover does not spoil the application. “To remove the stretching, it is necessary to go to the Salon because the removal is made with a specific solvent to soften the gel”, says the expert.

The application also needs to be done by a professional, as it requires the UV light to dry. The price usually varies between 150 and 180 R$ R$.

According to Luciana, the prostheses can be of three colours: transparent (normally used for designs with art), white (used to make French) and natural (that gives the impression of real nails).