Garmin Running Watch Reviews

Garmin unveiled the Forerunner 225, cardio GPS with optical sensor and activity tracker. The news is all here, and it’s not cheap! The model from which it is derived, the Forerunner 220, color display, it was already a great product but with a setting essential: do all it takes to a runner, I do it well and are reliable.

In this new Garmin product comes first among the leading manufacturers of high end GPS cardio (the others being Polar and Suunto) to enter the heart rate sensor inside the watch. Then, of course, goodbye heart rate monitor!

But that’s not all. The Forerunner 225 takes off that “traditional” patina that had the 220 and one of its functions to activity tracker, with everything that goes with it: daily goals, idle, sleep alert tracking and – thanks to the internal motion nolvadex sensor – provides the cadence and records the activities even within a building (for training on a treadmill for example).


The most interesting part of this new Forerunner 225 is that is a running smart watch and certainly the optical sensor integrated heart rate. The component, developed by My (the same used by TomTom and Adidas for their products), is accompanied by a rubber ring on the edge of the case to minimize the entry of light and therefore increase the accuracy.

I mean, to see it on paper, it looks like a great step forward for Garmin even though, despite being water resistant to 50 meters, has the ability to set multisport activities like swimming or cycling.

The new Garmin Forerunner 225 will be available at a suggested retail price of 299 euros.