Galaxy K: Instagram Video Teasert Optical Zoom Map

It is only a short clip, published by Samsung on Instagram – but with it the Koreans seem to want to announce their photo Smartphone Galaxy K. Already on April 29 to be’s on the Samsung media day officially presented as the successor of the Galaxy S4 zoom, how Android Central has experienced.

The information content of short videos is straightforward: to see the red dot design museum in Singapore, where the Samsung media day will take place on Tuesday. In rapid cuts will be to the building Zoom – Zoom is here the key word which is why the reference to the Galaxy close K. Already with the Galaxy S4 zoom had brought a camera offshoot on the market Samsung for its previous flagship. The new model must have in addition to a high resolution image sensor with an optical lens – for high quality shots even at a great distance.

Deliberately Spread Rumors

The rumors that Samsung was working on the successor of the Galaxy S4 zoom are piling up already for a few weeks. A leak revealed that the Smartphone with a Hexa-core CPU and a 20-MP camera should be equipped. Also images have already surfaced, which purported to show the optical zoom lens. A press invitation to the Samsung media day continued the letter K in the light and effectively confirmed the rumors that the Smartphone will mean not Galaxy S5 zoom, but Galaxy K.