Full Agenda of the Sea Fishing

The beaches and the water summon thousands of fans to fish in the Buenos Aires coast. Everything you need to know about places, businesses and service providers to enjoy the fishing.

The Buenos Aires coastline calls to millions of Argentines each year in search of summer in family with possibility of good fishing. Combine relaxation and sport is perfectly possible for the offer for the visitor is infinite. From the classic fishing from the beach or cliffs, outlets of embarked on raft or cruise for deep-sea fishing, passing through very well organized tours for specific such as Black Sea bass or shark species. It is only a matter of plan adapted to the need of each and emerge the Vice in the place chosen, to which here provide a comprehensive agenda of providers of guided outings, fishing, and simple tips to take into account and enjoy fishing in our holiday area.

In the party of the coast, between San Clemente and Villa Gesell, the key will be find no bathers that radically depart from the fishing zones or sign for night fishing. A classic are five docks of the party San Clemente, Santa Teresita, Mar del Tuyú, La Lucila, Mar de ajo and the spring of Pinamar and Villa Gesell, great options for the fisherman and his family, allowing also a productive and comfortable fishing night walk dry and well-lit.

Another must see for the family is the Tapera of López, in the North of the party in San Clemente, where the varied retail will delight adults and children without requiring heavy equipment, grills, games, lowered nautical and restaurant, offering as services. But to highlight two fisheries among many we stayed with Punta Medanos South and North Punta Rasa, Punta médanos, located in the South of the party, by the variety and quality of species offers a throw of cane, with gutters nearby where we can tempt even large sharks. We arrived in Punta Medanos by route 11, passing Mar de Ajó 20 km, bending at the roundabout to the left until the playon lighthouse. Here the wall channels are well marked, but in season tend to be convened many fishermen and yields are variable. Other income is by Mar de Ajó, way to New Atlantis, waterfront and beach down the New Atlantis campsite. From there face South to the lighthouse, and may make an interesting stop in Victor, the Villa and the cross, wreck together with the Karnak, are unavoidable references. In area of the winner (boat which is seen only with large downpipe), about 7 km from the descent of New Atlantis, beach is not so deep gutters but that yield very well for brótolas and peritas with North wind. In the Karnak (access only with 4 × 4 vehicles) located about 5 km south of el Playón in the lighthouse and visible always, gutters are deeper and you will reach easily cane shot without being a great caster. The offer goes through large croakers, brótolas, sea, whiting, stingrays, stingrays and good melgachos catfish. North at Punta Rasa we find the place of spawning of multiple species, juveniles, large croakers, black, BlackBerry, sharks and all the varied, also you can go fishing for flounder, silverside of float with winds from the South sector and clearer water, fishing is recommended early in the morning because during the day many watersports and bathers are concentrated in their 4 × 4.

Agenda of the party of the coast: Reference to reports of fishing in the area: sr Cuca, Tel. 02257-15530305.
Professor Diego Araujo fishing and release on the coast schools 02257 15535671.

San Clemente (02252) onboard fishing guides: Bahia: 52-1059; Real fishing: 42-3153 – Beach fishing guide. Leandro Ponce: (02257) 15-618-753. Fishing and bait houses: Moby Dick: Calle 63 No. 188 or front of the pier. Renato fishing: Av. 7 and 51. Popeye: Street 1and 3. The House of the fisherman: Street 2 and 16. Spring: Fishing pier. Mount Vesuvius: Av. 3 and 15. Pique: Av. Talas and 72. Real fishing: Street, 7 and 11. The Vesuvio Armory and fishing calle21 esq. III San Clemente tel 02252 15 408852, Savora fishing in the San Clemente Pier 24 hours, spring: Av. Costanera and Diagonal 63, 42-1147. Additional information: Social fishing and nautical Club: 52-1147. Tourist information: 42-3249.
Santa Teresita (02257) fishing guides: Cristian Maurs: 15-580-835; Hugo Sanmillan: 15-637-678; Omar Morelli: (02257) 15-584-225; Leo 15-581-808. Fishing houses: Natalia (bait): Calle 41 esq. 11; Artisans: Calle 41 No. 623; Best… Fishing: Calle 4 No. 85; Artiguet: Calle 38 No. 235. Spring: Av. Costanera and 38, Nestlé 543 * 3445. Additional information: tourist information, 42-1383.
Mar del Tuyú (02246) fishing guide: the shark II, 434698; Adrian Ramirez: 434901; The fisherman; 15-485-903; The fisherman II: 434728; Adrian: 02257-15-636-114. Fishing House: El Muelle, Calle 3 # 7461. Spring: Av. Costanera and 75. Additional information: Municipal delegation, 433-000
La Lucila del Mar (02257) houses of fishing: the clam Erotica. Rebagliatti 96. Wharf: Waterfront and Rebagliatti, 462-528. Municipal delegation, 462-380.
House of fishing Don Pepe La Lucila del Mar 02257 462582 jumping 184
Mar de Ajó – San Bernardo: (02257)
Fishing guides: Juan José Neves 15-589-366; Maharaja: 15-539-109. Fishing houses: Roger House, Av. Costanera 96; Lopecito, Av. Costanera 910; Playa Giron: J.C. Chiozza 1913, (San Bernardo). Open beach, in front of the pier. Spring: Av. Costanera 845 Mar de Ajó Tel 02257-42-1227. Additional information: fishing Club and Nautica Mar de Ajó. Phone tourist delegation av. San Bernardo and 19th Street COP. 7111 tel. 02257 463027.

Querandí Lighthouse: excellent fishing close to Villa Gesell. Located between Mar Chiquita and Villa Gesell, you can go for route 11 until a sign saying the fisheries lighthouse, where we turn left (going from Gesell) about 4 km. There we can fish, in a place with services for the family (restaurant, toilets, grills) but the best is to have a 4 × 4 vehicle to search for places more peaceful. Those who do not have these vehicles can hire the excursion with a guide of the party of the coast. Entry by blasting Galati, now renamed as Querandi Beach, about 11 km route 429,500, few km from Villa Gesell. There you can pay a $150 fee to leave the car in a private field and fish there or from any excursion with 4 × 4 vehicles. The varied to cane shot, is excellent because the gutters are close to the coast. The month of October – data to take into account – is ideal for fishing fish elephant. But the Fort in the area is fishing for dogfish and the bacot to cane shot.

Agenda Villa Gesell: houses of fishing: fishing North Harbor – Av. Bs.As. 744 Tel: (02255) 453333. About Mario – Av. 3 and Paseo 140. Ubatuba – Paseo 105 N ° 490 and Av.5. The House of the Mediomundo: Av. 3 between 117 or 118 walks. The cave of the fisherman: Av. 3 and Paseo 133. Noctiluca: Av. 3 between Paseo 128 and 129. Mario; AV. 3 and Paseo 140. Spring: Beach and promenade 129, 46-3750. Fishing guides: José Luis Martín: 0266-15-465-3255. Additional information: Villa Gesell fishing Club, 46-2491; Office of tourism. 47-8042.

Ostend: Signal – Av. The silver 878 – Tel: (02254) 401808 / (02267) 15525416.

Agenda of Pinamar: fishing houses: only fishing – Av. Bunge 68 – Tel: (02254) 495063 / 484251. Hoffer free life: Av. Constitution and Aeneas; Signal: Av. The silver 878 fishing guides: Juma, 02267-538262; ValeriaFishing, 15-02267-660455; Jack, 484414; Only fishing, 485063; Bear Tulumei, 188696. Fishing houses; Only fishing: Av. Bunge 68. Spring Eolo y Av. Of the sea. Additional information: Pinamar fishing Club, 48-2278; Tourist office, 49-1680.

Mar Chiquita, Santa Clara del Mar and Mar de Cobo: a real paradise, 32 km from the metropolis of the area which is Mar del Plata, the albufera mixed marine species with trowel in an area of great natural beauty. The lisa lovers can make use of famous slippers for Excel Vice with buoys in a true paradise. Those who want to do battle with sole, must choose the mouth of the lagoon or the Celpa area. In both cases, the fishing can be done to the wading, or embarked in small canisters, trolling in the veriles. But the feeling is fishing from shore on its beaches, where in addition to a varied rich often pay very good sea bass fishing black (up to March) in the evening hours, using mussels and prawns as bait. There are providers in the area of the mouth, which we cross to the beach for few dollars. Other yield point for Black Sea bass is the well of the Vidaleros, Mar Chiquita and Mar de Cobo. Here long casts are imposed or put the line inside with kayaks.

Mar Chiquita agenda: Alberto Martínez, La reserve, Tel: 0223-4691300 (crosses to Celpa, sale of lines of sole and varied, accommodation for fishermen). Fishing guides: for fishing mullet, sole and mackerel in the lagoon we recommend the following professionals, Gustavo Bracaccini: 0223-154464424 and the Tuba: 0223-156232017

Agenda of Santa Clara (0223) fishing guides: Eduardo Cañueto: 15-685-9522; The intruder: 15-528-4411; Miguel Albarracin, 460-2855; Horacio fishing, 450-4152; Hernan Soto: 469-3657; Javier Denemberg, (011) 15-5799-2018; Elio Bezi: 469367; Fishermans: 15-417-6290; Bad Loko: 469-3312; My Sun: 14-442-4776; Edward III: 14-417-5228. Fishing House: the Tuba Santa Clara del Mar: Av. Acapulco 163, 0223-156232017. Additional tourist information: (02265) 432-330.

Sea conch: the Tuba fishing and beach, Av. Manuel Cobo 12 local 1. Sale of articles depesca and beach more baits. Guided outings. 0223 156232017

Mar del Plata:. For being the best known fishing we not dwell on details. We will actually discuss the area of influence of the Pearl of the Atlantic, which has multiple fish ranging in the area of the North, Camet area beaches, the cliffs of Unzué (highlighting Cardiel’s and which is just in front of the asylum), until the classic points of fishing from the center of the city: Punta Iglesias, Varese the rocks of the Tower, Cabo Corrientes and the breakwaters North and South, offering rich varied fishing and thoroughly to the flight (anchovies from Bank, Jackfish), and Silversides. In addition, on windy days, we can fish in the inner side of the port, in the shelter. Other highly effective fishing vessels are Acevedo and Estrada, who tend to deliver brótolas, croakers and whiting, especially since the sun sets in later.

Shipped, we can make very good catches at distances not far from the coast. In this context the raft rides are classic, from Varese and the tower where the navigation is fast, depending on the places you want to go it will not take more than 30 minutes. Within the large number of fish stocks, are “La Restinga el Faro”, “The well of el Tío” and “Three domes” among others, in which you can fish year-round. Because they are places that are very close to the coast, they are protected from strong winds and as they are not too deep the currents are very strong and can access in small boats. The Restinga’s Lighthouse is a special fishing. Without a doubt the best of the marplatense coast. Since Mar del Plata is located in foothills of the Tandilia massif, and the foothills there are in the area of Punta Mogotes, in an extension of the mountains into the sea. This produces in the area there are places of rocks that are submerged more than others. Although the place is difficult for navigation in general, with the help of experienced guides can work the area without any problem. Guide to Cabo Corrientes: Mario, outputs in gomon Tel.: (0223) 469-7534 Cel: (0223) 154-214409 E-mail: mariodecamet@hotmail.com

Agenda Mar del Plata: Houses of fishing: aquamarine – Balcarce 8030 – Tel: (0223) 478-9400
Butera – Av. Casa Martinez de Hoz 179 – Tel: (0223) 489-1569-currents 1731 – Tel: (0223) 495-4194. Casa López – Mitre 1751 – Tel: (0223) 495-0626. The settler – Av. Luro 5302 – Tel: (0223) 475-6624. The magician fisherman – collector No. 7563 – Playa Serena – Tel: (0223) 154-179055. The Navigator – Rosales 3518 – Tel: (0223) 480-5709
Fisherman bear – Salta 1966 – Tel: (0223) 496-1892. Pehuen – San Juan 1234 – Tel: (0223) 475-5383. Stop one – Av. Colón 6577 – Tel: (0223) 470-5417. Prism fishing – Av. Jara 2524 – Tel: (0223) 472-5444. Reforms RA – Rawson 4813 – Tel: (0223) 472-9538. Recorcholis – Av. Jacinto Peralta Ramos 1844 – Tel: (0223) 481-5054
Trikipez – Av. Weaver 2688 – Tel: (0223) 476-0292
Salerno Lake fishing – Magellan 3103 – Tel: (0223) 480-1510. Adventure Av. Champagnat 1565 phone: 0223 478-7800. Tourist information at the Municipal Agency of tourism (EMTUR): 492-0223-2082.

Breakwater zero: Mar del Plata to Miramar, is the first breakwater, so call it zero. It is a good place for varied fishing from peje, although quite popular, especially in summer. The advantage is that you it’s a long breakwater which can be achieved a considerable distance with the lance.

Miramar: 448 km from Buenos Aires and Mar del Plata 48 South, this is a great fishing on coast with several classic rock background points, namely:
The haven is one of the classic places in the area for its excellent in very good pejes in winter and summer. You can get blonde sea bass, whiting, stingrays, brótolas, stripes, gatopardos, chanchita, elephants, gatuzos and even variety of sharks if you pull with balloon. This is mostly given by the tranquility of the place and various wells or large gutters forming. In some places specifically where it is stone, large croakers are captured. Against that is the hook by the abundance of stones.
Antennas: another point yields and fishing par excellence of blondes croakers from all porte. The key: arrive early to get good places because the fishing is very visited.
The Brusquitas: The entrance of the Creek there is an excellent place of varied fishing and Silversides, more than anything when it has an acceptable flow rate.
Black rocks: Very close to the Brook “La Tigra”, bordering a road crossed by sand dunes we find the beautiful place “Black rocks”. Named, by the colour of the stones due to the infinity of attached mussels, causing that particular blackish coloration. Both in summer and in winter, its performance is very good.
Miramar spring: one of the most chosen is Av. Costanera and 37th Street fishing pier. Thanks to its length higher parts can achieve large distances and so. In summer it is also good for the varied but due to the amount of rocks in the bottom of the sea is very common to get caught. The secret is to catch loose nylon and only raise when there is pique. If you raise to change bait the initial canazo must be dry and strong.

Miramar agenda: Fishing houses: El Cacique fishing: 21 Street no. 1168; Grandfather: Diagonal Illia 1775. FG Miramar point fishing – Av. 40 no. 1474 – Tel: 02291 15-50-2870 fishing guides: Embarkdos: 15-421-0804; Furmo, (02291) 15-41-4972; Ivan III: 02291-15-462-389. Additional information: Directorate of tourism, 42-02291-0190; in Mar del Sud, Municipal delegation, (0229) – 49-1091.

Sentry of the sea: despite being a nearly uninhabited village, is one of the fishing boats of the party of Gral. Alvarado that summons, more fans of our activity for the excellent results in fishing. It is 35 km from South Sea and if we start from Mar del Plata to little more than 75 km of route 88 we have a detour to the left of a dirt road consolidated that normally is found in good condition unless they fell some millimeters of rain in previous days, this is a very important detail when we organize a departure. If we reach this crossroads in the daylight it will be easy to locate the diversion since hand we are left with a concrete silo, to be vigilant because the route has not much indication. Once we continue our tour of this secondary road must be vigilant to an easily accessible fork having at its apex a large wooden cross, is where we have to turn to the right. Continue this journey until you reach the small urbanized area where we find some basic services in summer. From there we envision some historical buildings of the place and headed towards the bridge that takes place over the Fish Creek. After making the crossing, we can take the road to the right across two gates that are normally open and there we continue our travel parallel to the sea and in a couple of kilometres we have Brook that cross at the top next to the wiring. Under no circumstances try to cross it along the shore. From the intersection of route up until this point we will have traveled approximately 20 km. It is now time to take our tyres pressure off leaving 16 or 18 lb. and then we will be ready to cross the stream and go from that place a coast with more than 10 km. course, area suitable for 4WD vehicles. Those who go with simple four-wheel-drive vehicles can also choose travel to the North who turns to Miramar, bordering there wiring and after several kilometers you will find some possible downhill toward the coast. As always we recommend to reach minimum levels of tide since funds are usually Rocky and a poor choice of the place may complicate our journey since we will lose many lines and sinkers. Excellent fishing of varied and good sharks; more yet entering autumn with the silverside in its different varieties.

Necochea: 125 km south of Mardel, this is a strategic point with several effective fishing round about. The cave of the Tiger: Going along Route 98 South, by dirt road, 33 km from Necochea. There are sea bass, whiting, striped, gatazos and roosterfish. Another good site is Punta Negra, along the waterfront of Necochea (av 2) 8 km south of the city. Recommended by av El Molino is also 2, 3 km from the city, the North breakwater and the South breakwater allow it varied, adding silverside and fishing to the flight of moths, anchovies, whiting. In the area of the Jet leave cute pejes also making fishing on the fly, but main supply passes through the good smooth, afloat. For more options in this area and the Quequen River, see box in thorough detail.
: Necochea local reference is the House of fishing the sea bream, trade that provides bait, equipment and advice to visitors. Tel 02262-523688, Mr. Marcelo Deis.
Fishing guides: A this if the expected: 02262-431348; City of Naples: 02262-15-553-542; Universal boat: 02262-426272; Trinidad: 451843 Captain Maco – (02262) 15-49-8295 fishing houses: Contu fishing: Av. Esq. 22; Tip Florida: 10 Av. No. 3616; Losi fishing: 59 Av. No. 1215; Gomez fishing: 59 Av. No. 1168; The FAT: 59 No. 1059. Additional information: fishing Club, Necochea, 421-02262-913; Tourist information: 02262-43-8333.

San Cayetano: It is a fishing little publicized at the time of the fishing in the sea but not so less performant, coasts where the fisherman has 28 km of beach delimited by the mouth of the Brooks Christian dead and Zabala. In this strip, which include several stony, may fishing from shore, mackerel, sole, bream, croakers and all the varied.

Agenda San Cayetano: Referrer local Calabrian Di Loreto, tel 02983 15415526 fishing guide: Pepe bathrobe out of fishing varied. Tel: 2983511657. Additional information: Tourist Office of San Cayetano: phone: (02983) 470 000 / int.120

Marisol: Spa Marisol (in Coronel Dorrego party) is a privileged place for sport fishermen. The villa has modern family cabins with all the amenities. With its 35 km of pristine beach, is located about 570 KMS. Buenos Aires, accessible by Route 3 on the 531 km. From there we diverted to provincial route 72 coming to East and from that city will pass towards the coast, 22 km of road entoscado and affirmed. For many years is a much visited fishing, maintaining its fame for its good performance in quality and quantity. On its coast there are no scree which complicate fishing by lost gear. Thus, a deep channel of 200 to 500 meters wide with bottom of aquatic weeds extends for many kilometers, where are many pools that at high tide and throw of Rod allow the circulation of the great sea: Requiem sharks, stingrays, sharks bacotas rays and guitar fish complement the varied in
General. In the Quequen Salado River, upstream fish mullet and flounder, mackerel year-round and the rest of the varied retail opposite the villa. The favorite coastal fishing sectors are: the mouth, El Molino, El Cable, La Ballena, the Basque the palisade and the gaucho Brook well. Species that are caught are those of the region, roosterfish or elephant, Silversides in the months of June to September, sea bass, whiting, stingrays and the rest of the varied. In downspout can circular by the beach with simple traction, whenever you have experience behind the wheel and on the sand.
Marisol agenda: there are guides who provide their services in the season. The most recognized for fishing boat are: Alberto Inchausti (02983-495909) and Oscar Mancinelli (02983-495921 Marisol (02983), Saint Falco: 495973.) Coast fishing guides: “gallego” Sanchez: 495919; Marcos Koll, 495915. Additional information: Dorrego tourism, 495927. Port Pampa: – fishing boat – Calle San Juan s/n – Tel: (0293) 49-5973 / (02983) 15 61-6564

Orense: This Spa 580 km from Buenos Aires with access at 85 km of route 72 (the youngest of the Tres Arroyos partido) is characterized by its funds alternated between mild declines with gutters and extensive rock formations (which called jumps) and allow us to have a duality of possibilities. To the side of the West (Claromecó) there are screes of excellent performance. Few metres from the waterfront we have La Media Luna, where with shallow sea allows you to go to the edge of rocks near the surf break, and fishing with middle and long distance. This site delivers very good yields
croaker, gatazos and species of the stones as the piglets. In the same place, with grown sea forms a Bay of very calm waters and shallow allowing water to take temperature and is a spectacular place to fish lisas and silverside.

More towards Claromecó, this the sixth jump, very yielding place to the croaker fishing. Another notable point is known by the name of Julian well. It’s a very good site for sea fishing and varied – is normal in some clear small sandy beach between these jumps, the fishing of large stingrays and skates quarries.

On the other hand, if we headed to the East of Orense, have as reference the area of the forest, where in spring the Dogfish is given much. In all these areas by the depth of its waters, it is normal to remove large stingrays, violins, striped stone and toads. Continuing eastwards, we find places with big banks, where the fishing is very abundant speaking of sea bass, whiting and gatuzos. The last point is the Cristiano Muerto, stony bed Brook and shallow. It can Wade it is with any vehicle with any tide and this place has the particularity of being very productive for the sole and mackerel, although here also it achieved good varied. Finally, the area between the screes of Orense and well Julian is splendid for bream fishing.

Reference area: Carlos Paulino Avila. Tel:02983 – 15415488

Claromecó: A true “fishing centre” where the proposals are multiplying. For this reason we will distinguish two zones; one for Dunamar side and one in the direction of the lighthouse. To Dunamar side have the following fisheries: 1.-the mouth of the stream, with intense activity of flatfish. 2.-el Pozo de Blas Fernandez: with rich variety and some chucho. 3. the sign: sea bass, whiting and gatuzos. 4 Franganillo stones: that deliver bream within walking distance. Pulling to mid and long distance, very good croakers are given and any stripe pedrera. 5 Cristian hop: short distance with medium-sized equipment can charge bream, and middle and long distance, cute size croakers and any stripe pedrera. 6. the snail: the same thing, with the possibility in some months of the year from some black chick. In the Bay of the snail, when there are half tide, there is little depth and water temperature, takes is an excellent choice to fish lisas. 7.-the plants of Ernesto Khulman: offers varied rich. 8. White Dune: a very deep place, where it is normal to remove large stingrays, violins, catfish and some meagre large-sized (sandy beach).
To the side of the lighthouse fishermen are: 1. first jump: fishing vessel which delivers croakers, variety and bream. 2 Victoria stones: famous for its good bream. 3. the well of Alonso: varied with some good porte croakers. 4. second jump: short distance, bream, and middle and long distance, is spectacular place of sea bass, whiting and stripes quarries of good size. 4. third jump: very good sea bass is a fishing corvinero par excellence where it is also normal to capture gatazos, whiting and varied. 5 jump three and a half: a place corvinero par excellence, frequent Court of the local contests. 5. Fourth jump (the fourth Bay): jump very long, very functional, where you can catch bream, sea bass, whiting, gatuzos, pig and violins. The Bay is very deep so, besides meagre, it is normal that charged some good porte chucho. In all the streams of this coast is very intense activity of the sole, above all in these last times, as it was a year very llovedor and lower plenty of food that attracts more and more species.

Claromecó reference: Carlos Avila. Avda.15 Nª 1946 between 30 and 32 Tel: 02983-15415488. Fishing guides: Cruz del Sur: 02983 15-612-161; Sergio Vitali: 02983 15-647-208. Fishing houses: the House of the bait: 15 Av. No. 1946 between 30 and 32. Cyril fishing: 26 and 17, Av phone 02982 48-0403. Tourist office: (02982) 495002.

Monte Hermoso: 650 Buenos Aires Route 3, this good fishing offers the possibility of a good shorebreak fishing of sea and also the chance to make a throw to the peje at nearby laguna de Sauce Grande, or opt for the fishing of flounder in the mouth of the nearby Quequén River. He is accessed by route national Nª3 to 605 km, where there is a roundabout with the tourism office where they can make us reports and brochures of the place. That point was born the provincial route No. 78 that we placed in the center of the city. The area of Monte Hermoso to the East, is a large extension of beaches of more than 32 km, where the fisherman and his family may find bustle or absolute tranquility, according to your preferences and as the limit will be a key point for sport fishing: the mouth of the river big willow. In this mouth tend to occur in season, catches of large predatory species. Warm waters place is visited by large sharks to whiting and Jackfish, passing through all the varied inhabiting the coast of Buenos Aires. The large Willow River, which comes from the Sierra de la Ventana and forms the laguna Sauce Grande, continues its course towards the sea and its mouth is famous for the presence of sole, species lurking there to unwary silverside which enter and leave by this step in search of food.
We find another way point against the Barrio El Sauce. Here you will find deep gutters where meets a varied rich integrated by blondes croakers, whiting, eels, Jackfish, gatuzos, cazones, gatopardos, melgachos, stripes and large stingrays. Also stands out as fishing the beach of the American Camping. This point has large stones, natural refuge of molluscs which attract a varied rich: brótolas, Mutts, stripes, sea bass blond, sole, Conger eels, whiting, whiting real, castañetas, Jackfish, anchovies from Bank and silverside. And behind them, the large predators as dogfish, gatuzo, bacot, escalandrún, hammerhead and the espinillo. Of shipped, in addition to these sharks, can add fish stick, some groupers, wreckfish, sea bream, bream and salmon in the area of stone banks off the coast, with easy access for fans who bring their own boat.
Reference in the area: Daniel Sframelli Tel 02921-481786. Fishing guides: Hugo Aguirre: 0291-15-440-5116. Cacho 2: 02932-15-455-862; Mauro Aristegui: 0291-15-648-3024; I lived the fishing. 482313; Cacho II: 483526. Film4vn: 0291 15-431-2163 Lisandro Kappes (0291) 15-5082004. Fishing houses: the fisherman’s corner: Faro Recalada 224, 48-1786. Additional information: fishing Club Monte beautiful, 481786; Ministry of tourism, 481123.

Chiquita: Route 3 to the height of km 781, 67 km South East of Mayor Buratovich, this fishing of Buenos Aires South increasingly is more known for its abundant fishing from shore, but especially of onboard. There is a camping area and a complex of houses for rent quite comfortable and simple. Related: cabins and guided fishing Don Antonio outputs: 0291-4919116 0221-411-7462 0221-643-3958 Radio ID: 418 * 8813
Good friends, only remains take gray, wait for good weather to join us and live intense days of coastal fishing by combining our passion with family relaxation. Have beautiful holiday pure apeak.