From Summer to Autumn

Before I introduce you to the new autumn trends, I will show you how I can handle this up and down with the weather.

The transition style with my alltime companion the trench coat:

This outfit does not tear one of the colors from the stool, but the system is applicable to everything.

This skirt, I had offered for six months on clothes gyms until I found him in the “sell” box again and gave him another place with me.He’s at least five years old or older, and when he moved back into my closet, he was a kind of new purchase.

By coincidence, I found, for a tight budget, this shirt on Bonprix and together gave it a fairly decent outfit, which can also be attracted to customer meetings or business events.

♥ Long shirt Bonprix 19,90

Now it becomes more unstable out there and I took my autumn companion, a pair of high boots and my trench coat.

The boots are very smooth, so they come in winter, at least in these new winters with lots of snow and ice, only in autumn.

This transitional coat I have also in black, both are from H & M, but already a few seasons old. If it is now stormy and wet-cold, there is a cap, and when the temperatures drop, a leggings and a scarf will be added to the trench coat, skirt and boots.

I can wear it in endless variations until it really gets too cold and a big scarf does not help anymore. But until then it is still a bit.

The coat, which I wear, has the size 52. Here are some shopping tips for the trench coat in large sizes:

♥ Trenchcoat for 279 Euro to size 56 by Peter Hahn

Trenchcoat 119 euros up to size 58

Trenchcoat up to size 60 83 GBP

♥ miss BARTOZ Tip:here you can find all the plus size stylings of the week at Thedresswizard