Fringe Accessories: Bet on that Trend

With the return of the Folk style and Boho to top sets these past few seasons, several trends are back up and the fringe was one of them. For those who do not is very comfortable to wear fringes on garments, because they are a little difficult for a look from day to day, you can bet on various types of accessories that now rely on the fringes. Are handbags, shoes, necklaces, earrings and bracelets, all adorned with fringes of various types of materials.

Not to let the visual heavily polluted not exaggerate much, but fringes look great to cover areas that we don’t want to be noticed, so using trinkets to call attention to another region.

The grants come with fringes in several spaces of your extension, there are models that have the decorations from your top and others that are more discreet, counting them in only a few locations.

In Accessories, metallic fringes are the trend of the time, and for being a little more flashy, we don’t need to use many parts to compose a visual cool.

The accessories with metal fringes are found in shades of gold, silver, copper and sometimes merged and with stones. Look great with that little black dress or with a clean look like jeans and a t-shirt.