French Nails Decorated

The French style nail is nothing new in the world of nail arts, but it is a guy who makes a lot of success among women and passes constantly for “reinvention”. Besides leaving the hand with a delicate and romantic aspect, with the French tip nails seem bigger. For any skin tone, occasion or age they fall well.

-After filing your nails, preferably in square format, and taking the cuticles, a colorless nail base.

-Then pass a layer of transparent white glaze and let dry.

-With the white enamel, rinse the brush at the tip of the nail with its format. The hint not to Miss right now is to be with the wrist. If you can’t make the stroke straight with the brush, soak the tip of the thumb with the glaze and place the tip of your nails in the other hand, “stamping” the line on them.

Tip: If you prefer dark color, replaced the white French for black.

-Put another layer of transparent white glaze and extra brightness to give finishing. Clean the corners and ready!

If you like nails decorated differently, look in the photo gallery, the francesinhas that the famous are parading around.