Free Modern Architecture House Plans

Inspired by lofts, free plans are increasingly present in contemporary architecture and construction. Go up the walls, which is the careful planning of the typology.

To inspire your projects, the webpage gathered information and integrated spaces tips, which have been exploited since the modern architecture.

In fact, the free plan is not new, but one of the concepts of the Five Points of Architecture of Le Corbusier, published in 1926. For the architects, the structures should be independent in order to allow the change of walls which would not be considered as structural elements of a building and which in turn, would be supported by beams and columns.

Accompanied ideas as free facades, stilts, garden terraces and windows tape, these concepts were present in Brazil in works by Lucio Costa and Oscar Niemeyer, but they are difficult to apply in apartments and renovations, in which the plan was not designed to be flexible from the start.

Even in new projects, construction companies do not usually take into account these changes, which may vary because of each housing unit.

For these cases, we separate some tips:

Before dropping any wall, consult an architect, engineer and even the liquidator (if the project is carried out in a building). These professionals indicate whether reform is possible and if the reform can be performed without causing any structural damage.

Other aspects to note are the details of the construction system. The positions of the electric lipitor generic exclusivity system, hydraulic system and even the windows tend to limit the project. Because tubing, you can not change the layout of wetlands so easy, for example.

If the project is in the design stage, it is better. There are several modular building systems, which make spaces more flexible. Here is a list of available in Brazil. Among the most popular are the steel frame and the dry wall, wherein the cover can be removed more easily and walls are not necessarily structural elements.

The free plans are a great contribution to the optimization of the spaces and the creation of integrated environments, but there is consensus that there should still be some sort of division between social and private environments, such as bathrooms and bedrooms.

In this case, we can invest in alternative partitions, such as screens, hollowed-out walls, curtains, sliding doors and glass partitions.

Among the negative factors associated with this type are the lack of privacy, ambiance and sound insulation, which would make the most appropriate design for single customers or couples.

However, due to the flexibility of the free plan, it is easier to add walls than remove them. If the right foot is high, it is also possible to position more intimate areas on a mezzanine. With a good interior design, install a fume hood in the kitchen to improve the ambiance and add a dose of creativity if the partitions are very necessary.