Franz Joins WhatsApp, Telegram, Slack, Hangouts, and Messenger in One App

How about unifying all your messaging applications?

I do not know you, but I use every day at least four messaging apps: WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger for quick conversations, Telegram for more professional matters and Slack to communicate with the team. It would be nice (and practical) join all these services in one place. And this is precisely the proposal Franz, an application with support for 10 (!) Instant messengers.

I’ve been using Franz in OS X for more than a month and the novelty is that, since the latest version, 0.9.9 beta, the app has versions for Windows and Linux. Behind the scenes, Franz is quite simple: it opens the web versions of chat applications and serves as a bridge to take advantage of the features of your operating system, such as notifications on the desktop, message indicator unread and keyboard shortcuts.

The main services are Franz: from the first public beta, it was possible to add Slack accounts, WhatsApp, HipChat, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Hangouts, Grape and Skype. In the latest version, the developers included support WeChat and GroupMe. You can register multiple instances of the same service; Thus, it is possible to separate the personnel work account, for example.

If you also need to be connected in several different messengers and want to organize the mess, Franz may be a great choice. The download is free and can be done on the application page.

I need it on my phone.