Frames “OEM”. Watch out!

Is a true fever between cyclists amadores brasileiros frames erroneously called OEM. And which are actually fakes.

>>> lab test shows that “replicas” of paintings are a great danger


According to BESTITUDE,  OEM is an abbreviations for “Original Equipment Manufacturer”, which are products sold legally by product manufacturers brands for companies automakers of other products.

For example, Shimano sells for 25 Shimano XTR groups Specialized in OEM form for Specialized mounting your bikes. As the sale is made in batch, the price is a lot cheaper than retail.

These sales happen all the time between companies and never directly to final consumers. The use of the acronym OEM in the case of bicycle frames is used only to trick consumers, giving the idea that these paintings are made by the original brand and have the same quality. But they’re not.

Large companies, in particular the Specialized and Pinarello, which usually has his fake paintings, not sell frames in OEM System.


Are fake pictures! Asian companies copy the design of the tables of the major brands and sell them for a price whimsy. The justification of the lowest price is made through the acronym OEM, which as I said, is used in the wrong way and with the purpose to deceive.

Hence the great danger. The paintings are visually similar to original copies, but does not go through any kind of quality control, stress tests, performance … nothing!

That’s why they cost so cheap. Quality costs money. Perform tests, wind tunnels, breaking a series of tables to test your resistance, etc. All this costs a lot and end up making the final product.

These fake framework doesn’t have any of these processes, they cost practically nothing. The expense is only with raw material, some machines and labor.

The purchase of this type of product, as well as encourage a criminal industry, puts at serious risk to your safety, since these bikes has totally obscure provenance.

A few frames comes unpainted and others comes with the colors of any brand, as an example of the image above!

My advice is: do not buy!