Forecast For 2009…

…What does the new year bring?

Freshly recovered from the holiday, I report back to the well-known place. The new year is just a few days old, but what will it bring us technical freaks? Inspired by Joerg, I would like to not only spread my own predictions among the people, but also actively encourage our authors and readers to share their thoughts with us all. Joerg himself also expected for 2009 an iPhone nano and an iPod Tablet with at least 7 inch display size. This inevitably brings us to this year’s Macword, which will at least be the last of its kind for Apple.
A nice summary can be found at fscklog, from the Mac mini to the already mentioned iPhone nano is everything. What is actually presented by Phil Schiller tomorrow, of course we can only guess. But the year is still long, and the whole powder does not have to be fired at the beginning.

According to EHuZhou, an iPhone nano will come in 2009, just like a netbook reinterpretation of Apple . Whether this will actually be a tablet book? We will see … At least such a product is likely to boost the price structure of netbooks, a development that not only Apple wants. The future Sony Vaio P will usher in this price adjustment to a higher level.

What else will happen? As always, prices this year are likely to fall for consumer electronics.For example. Blu-ray, although the successor of the DVD still somewhat difficult, for the Christmas business, however, we will certainly be able to see the first model for 99 euros.Whether it is Windows 7 under the Gabentisch will be able to, even I can not predict;-).

But now it is up to you, what do you think will bring this year? The commentary is looking forward to rain.