For Ios, Facebook Automatically Improves Your Photos

Facebook has enabled a new feature within his app for iOS, which automatically polished your photos. Thus, the social network integrated plus a function for the especially Instagram and Google are known.

Facebook New Feature

The improvement function for your photos to be enabled according to a report by the next Web on December 16. An additional update for the Facebook app need not install her, to take advantage of her. Instead, the feature to be enabled even already by default and after uploading an image in the form of a small wand icon in the lower left corner of your photos to make noticeable. Her taps on it, appears a bar, which you can adjust the degree of improvement.

For Ios, Facebook Automatically Improves Your Photos

Turn off the new feature

Who don’t like the new feature, which of course also has the ability, turn off the new feature of the Facebook app for iOS. To do this, you just go in the video and photo settings the application and tosses the switch for the automatic improvements there. Then, the feature should no longer be displayed until you are reactivated in the options.

Users of Android devices have apparently not long to wait until the photo enhancement is available also in their Facebook app: as MacWorld reports, the company firmly should schedule the feature soon within the app for Google’s operating system to enable.