Flats – How to Use, Where to Buy, Prices, Tips

Flats – How To Use, Where To Buy, Prices And Tips Of Looks For Summer

Versatility and comfort is what every woman wants, unfortunately few times that can be combined with beauty. Generally confecionados and products that meet the current trends are somewhat uncomfortable and a bit pricey.

We live in a super country and, even in winter infrentamos days of intense heat, so it never abandoned the spring/summer fashion that is the face of our country. So, dresses, tank tops shorts make the party, especially after the passing of the winter in mid-October, we see extremely sunny days of immense warmth, overdress is impossible in these times because it causes much discomfort and malaise, so people opt the garments of light and loose tissue that bring more comfort in these times.

Not only with the clothes, but the shoes are also exchanged, Hawaiian style Sandals saw essential item for the summer and see them in several places this season, reported by HISTORYAAH.COM. One of the shoes turned taste for comfort among Brazilian women, are the flats, it’s like a slipper softly, without heel that relates to the fingers and sometimes on the back of the foot, leaving free heat and allowing combinations, on the beach, and even the field di a-a-day.

Several brands sell models that are very easy to find in popular shoe stores,Melissa also has a super collection of flats with super vibrant colors, really the face of summer. In general the price maximum is up to £ $100.00.

In shoe stores, we found many beautiful models of rasterinhas for all pockets. We have cheaper flats in popular footwear storessuch as Sérgio in São Paulo, Footwear Shoes Angela among others. In malls or boutique shoes found a more sophisticated models of flats, with precious stones, crystals or other type of style, with flowers for example, which are a real luxury, generally priced above $100. In Arezzo, you will find beautiful flats models, worth checking out.

Knowing choose, promises to be a versatile piece and easy to combine, maintaining the current and fresh looks.