Flare Shoes / Bells:60 Inspirations and Models!

After the skinny pants that stayed like trend for years, behold it rises from the 70’s flare pants, or as a call at the time – bell mouth. The model that came back from decades past is now the new darling of celebrities and is already coming into the look of the anonymous as well. So, if you still have doubts about how to adopt the model to the look, just be aware of the tips of the post!

Tips for wearing bell mouth trousers

  • Little Falls

Can a short woman wear flare pants?

This question is classic and is always the biggest doubt.The larger mouth may rather look like you’re smaller, but that’s no problem if you take on other tricks such as heels, V-neck and fine-toed shoes.After all, these items are great for lengthening the look.

Another tip is to invest in high waist models, so you create the illusion of elongated legs, according to pharmacylib.

  • Fat

The piece can be a good bet, since it fits in the hip and opens from the knee, creating, thus, a proportion of measures. Or be a fatal mistake if it is wider, so it will add an unreal weight.

To make matters worse, opt for darker colors and models that fit the knee better.

  • Tall Women

If you think that only small ones face problems with the piece, it is deceived.

For tall women the attention should be redoubled, after all this is the type of piece that should not be short, the bar should be closer to the ground, and never with the ankle and part of the cinnamon appearing.

Another important point for tall women is to avoid models that have high waist, since they tend to appear that the legs are longer.

Flare pants models and how to use each:


This is usually the most used model, and as you know, jeans go well from the basic and informal look to the work environment, but in this last case, the idea is to keep the focus on pieces without washing and preferably tones Dark.

An idea to adopt the look with basic t-shirt is to value it, and for this you have to choose the correct composition. Here the open-mouth trousers were worn with heel shoes, which makes the look tidier, and the maxi collar helps to enhance the style and even the white blouse. Detail is that as the pants is more loose, the sweater inside helps to mark and set the waist.

If the proposal is to choose a look that lengthens, bet on the combination with cropped top and high waist jeans. Another tip is to keep the sweater inside to give impression of more elongated legs.

If you’re already tall, you do not have to worry about jumping, but remember also that in this case the look gets a more casual touch. An example is this look with slightly lower pantyhose and small. Not to fall into the basics, the tidier blouse with collar maintains the balance of the look.


Banding is a feature that values ​​and marks the female body, and pants are no different. So the tip is to leave this kind of part out of the work look , after all in the corporate environment this piece can be too striking. On occasions and places that allow a fairer piece, the bandage pants are released!

In this look, the bet was to adopt two pieces pieces – high waist and cropped.The combination of the black and white look is a classic, but in this composition the pieces gain a new rereading, since the style of the material and the cuts give a contemporary touch to the clothes.

Once again the look marked by pants and top characterize the look; And in this case, the choice was to use different shades in the two pieces. The finest models of the clothes value the curves of the female body and this combination is more suitable for those who are all over and satisfied with the balance.

To not only look top cropped, this composition shows a more formal way to use the bandage on the pants. Here the long sleeved blouse balances the look and maintains harmony in the composition of colors.


Betting on a more intense tonality for the lower part is ideal for those who focus on this region. In this case, the pants already have volume and a more intense tone is ideal to balance those who have broad shoulders and even bulky breasts, once the piece will draw the focus from the trunk.

It is not because you chose a colored flare pants that need to go in the traditional with smooth sweater.On the contrary, if the idea is to add style to the look, choose a printed shirt, as is the case with this look, where the shirt has some points of the same shade of the pants, which keeps the look harmonious.

And it’s not just about harmonizations that visuals can be built.Daring a little is ideal for anyone who shows style, and here the idea was to merge the red pants with black and white stripes.

And if you have a hard way to go wrong with a monochrome look! And in this case the choice was to use shades of purple. To avoid mistakes, look for the closest tones, and try to vary the texture of the pieces, such as velvet flare trousers with knit sweater, so the look despite being one color, stands out for the variation of textures.


The flare print pants can be the pinnacle of the look as it will draw more attention. In this case, the tip is for those who have wider hip to avoid, after all the pattern tends to increase that part of the body. And for those who have smaller hip, you can play, so you will gain a few inches more, and it will look more “turbinated”.

The proposal here is a super classic and formal look even with the patterned piece. In this case, the pants have smaller prints in blue and white and the combination with the blouse of modern cutouts values ​​the piece and leaves the sophisticated look.

And of course that among the options of prints could not miss the animal print .The idea could be in jaguar or snakeskin pants, and to leave the look modern and nothing turkey, bet on the smooth tank top with fine fabric.

A bit of daring is also released in the composition of the pieces, and in this case the bet was to dare on the mix of prints .To keep the look balanced both the pants and the blouse follow the same shades, and the differentiated proportion in the size of the designs helps to keep the look in harmony.


Make sure the piece can also go to the office or corporate environment. In this case, the ideal is to value models that follow the social line with fabrics such as linen, gabardine and oxford. Betting on tailoring models is also ideal as well as enhancing the creased parts.

The white flare pants is synonymous with sophistication, but as long as it is nothing transparent, otherwise it is tacky and inconvenient to work.Here the model enhances the pleats and worn with black blouse and thin-beaded scarpin help create a sleek look.

For a more classic look, it is worth surrendering to the navy blue model and betting on the thin-tipped shoe to stretch the legs.The composition can also count on the white shirt, which can be placed on the inside to better mark the division between legs and trunks, since the two pieces are more loose.

If the environment allows, bet on the colorful social model, as is the case with this orange option.Here the piece was combined with a black and white striped shirt and gained a sophisticated and fashionable touch.

Looks with Flirts

Inspiration never hurts, especially when it comes to fashion.So if you have a bell-bottom panty or want to get one, follow some more ideas on how to put on fashionable looks with the trend piece in the fashion universe.

Now that you already know that the flare pants or bell mouth is on the rise again, you can already choose a model to call your own and destroy the compositions to create beautiful and modern looks.