Five Health and Beauty Problems Caused by Tight Clothing

Pants leggings are darlings of the women, but your usage is even recommended? The clothes too tight can be silent, bringing problems like villains cellulite and even varicose veins. To protect yourself, meet five risks of tight parts for your health.

“That kind of clothes, especially jeans, not only hinder movement as well as contribute to the emergence of blood clots, which can even trigger lung heart”, warns the cardiovascular surgeon Fernando Cod, Specialist by Brazilian Society of Angiology and Vascular surgery. The tight clothing is also responsible for increased fluid retention and toxins, with risk of fat deposit in some parts of the body.

Another women’s sweetheart, the Spanx too tight can also hurt the skin and prevent the passage of blood in the abdominal area, and should not be used frequently: “a good portion of the people believe that the daily use of Spanx will lose weight, but they are very wrong. The main purpose is postoperative brace, because AIDS in healing, strengthens muscles and reduces the swelling, preventing bleeding or displacement of the skin. Avoid buying a smaller number to not get an unwanted result.

Varicose Veins

Varicose veins can arise due to the tight clothes, and so it is best to avoid this kind of pieces in the wardrobe. “The female hormone progesterone, causes a dilation of veins, which favors the appearance of varicose veins.And with the frequent use of tight clothing and impairs circulation contributes to the first spider veins in the legs. In addition, genetic predisposition or take some kind of hormonal contraception is more likely to develop the problem “.


The feared holes, which are not always easy to solve, also arise with the use of pants too tight, besides increasing the degree who has them. “The cellulite ever harms blood circulation and with the use of these accessories the passage of blood is even more compromised, which can contribute to the evolution of the degree of cellulite. That is, who have cellulite of 1 degree can go on to have 2 or 3 degree”, he explains.


Have you ever felt short of breath from 1 hour to another? Guilt can be a tight, like a bra, a pair of pants or even your shirt: “not only the jeans, but tight belts prevent the passage of air through the body, not to mention that the air can only reach the upper part of the chest. This process is called a shortness of breath, because it leaves the brain without oxygen, as well as cause consequences as decreased concentration and anxiety”.

Back Pain

“Shirts that prevent the movement of arms or a combination of tight clothes, overloading the muscles and vertebrae, which requires a greater effort on time to perform a movement. So often the person complains of pain in her spine, feeling of heaviness, burning and tingling in the shoulders, “explains the expert.

Poor Digestion

All pressing the abdominal area can generate a bad digestion, and should be avoided: “the pressure of these clothes press the stomach, causing heartburn and reflux.