Fishing for Coarse Fish: Fishing Success

In this report, is all about just the stinky stick mix by Starbaits. As the name implies, it’s a ready stick-mix lining. According to the manufacturer traditional baits such as liver, algae, yeast, N-butyric acid, shrimp paste, extracts of shellfish contained etc we know very well from carp. If that’s really true, you learn in the report by Jörg Wegmann!

Stinky But Good

“Stinky stick mix comes in a small bucket.” This includes: 3 separate 500gr bags lined the curls and a spray bottle with “liquid mineral”.

The 3 separate pouches are a sensible idea, because so the curls lining for the longer application stays fresh and you must consume not everything at once.

A Close The Bag is Usually Impossible!

After opening the first bag, a fish-smell in the nose rises one – it hangs quite awhile in the nose.

Curls feed is relatively coarse and mixed with many small particles. According to the manufacturer, two bursts of the supplied attractant spray bottle is sufficient.

The Aroma From The Spray Bottle!

Alone the two sprays from the spray enough, to an interesting scent to be attached to the mix.

“Dry test”: you fill a glass with water and prepare the above mentioned material a smaller embroidery mix. The fishing preparation is done as mentioned above. The clock is ticking! The embroidery mix dissolves quickly and the lure unfolds its full effect.

First Opinions On The Water!

Incredibly, as itself the water becomes discolored, if the stick man mix lightly moisturizes and adds a little anchovy oil.

To achieve an even distribution, it flips the “Stinky stick mix” best in a freezer bag, sprayed it with the “liquid mineral” and neatly kneeding the whole thing from the outside!

On the water I have can achieve with “Stinky Stick Mix” already good results. According to, just fishing-bait, in connection with these finished embroidery mix, brought more than just good catches. The cost is relatively low, considering the high number of smaller embroidery mixing can be achieved from the delivered product.

I wish you much fun trying it out. “Try anyway: it will be worth it!”