Fishing Fishing Background

as the post of cevadeira gave an interesting success in a few days, I decided to make this second post for fishing fishing, but this time it will be for fishing, for round fishery. The more practiced inside.

This mode is made with natural bait, and can be practiced with pasta, sausage, beef, pieces of fish, and many other lures. She is very efficient in winter, when the fish are at the bottom, and are more skittish.

starting with the sticks, in my opinion, by the violence of the hook, and the weight of the sinker, I prefer solid carbon rods, which are relatively lightweight and has good resistance, for the length you prefer long sticks of 1.80 metres up, the deeper the Lake, the longest will have to be the stick, the libragem must be greater than 25 lbs

in this mode I prefer the reel, who makes release with less force on bait, such as sausage, she escapes easier on a pitch from reel than a reel, moreover, the reels lighter baits, darting like fruits, or lightweight sinkers to skittish fish, yet if you choose reel, like the round profile with reduced line capacity.

lines, are still the favorite, multifilament for low diameter sink faster by not having resistance in water, and be more sensitive to the movement of fish, and have more immediate strike.

the fluorocarbon leader is mandatory because of the structures like rocks and twigs, even the round fight clean, can lead the Court when they run to the bottom and the line ends up screwing, therefore, make a fluorocarbon leader Rod size 0.60 mm. Depending on the submerged structures, until a 0.70 mm should be used

If you want, use 20 lbs steel cable, flexible black color, which is more imperceptible in deep water, particularly prefer to use without the steel, only the leader is enough.

the hooks that I like to use are the live bait, which are strong and extremely sharp, in their case, we use a steel cable, but if you prefer, use the wide gap that 3/0 are wide and do not require encastoado.

the pellets are very variable, particularly using lightweight 3 g leads. but if the Lake there are many tilapias or carp, they will eat the bait before it get to the bottom, then use leads of 20 g. so that the bait arrives faster at the end.