Fingernail Fashion: Nail Wraps Nail Polish Adieu!

Nail polish, which holds a week and does not chop a bit, is not there? Oh but! The New Glamor Nail Gun is called Designer Wrap Art!

Women watch out: Now you can have as hands as the stars.Have you always wondered how Rihanna , Katy Perry, Beyoncé and Co. are constantly styling their nails in every color and pattern?Admittedly, they probably have their own nageldesigner – but they are also advocates of the new trend, the so-called nail wraps, which since January 2012 not only online, but also in Douglas stores nail polish and gel nails announce the fight following EhuZhou.

What’s behind it?

Discolored and splintered nails were yesterday!The nail wraps by Nail Rock are a new way to beautify finger and toe nails.Zebra, leopard or flag patterns, every woman can easily “conjure” herself in just ten minutes.The advantage is that you do not have to apply any liquid to the nails, but merely stick a kind of foil onto the individual fingers or toes and then mold it with the file.So there are no mistakes in the work of art!

Advantages and disadvantages

The benefits are obvious: you can also enjoy a variety of even and unusual designs, not having to worry about the appearance of your fingers for a week or even worrying about their toes for eight weeks.At a price of 7.95 euros for 16 wraps, you can also change the look several times a month without going bust.Nevertheless, there are difficulties you should be prepared to do: applying the nail wraps is not quite as simple as women believe.They must work extremely precisely and fine-motor, otherwise the films form folds.But do not worry, if you follow the instructions carefully, you will be able to do a little bit of practice on a very personal nageldesigner!