Fine Men’s Sport Clothing! How to Set Up This Visual

The thin sport male costume is nothing more than a mixture of Laundry clothes more casual social and modern. Is an easy way, simple and very elegant dress in birthday party, celebration of fifteen years, meetings, business dinner, we leave for the theatre, end-of-year celebrations and even marriage. Is a modern style that crashed in taste and has been gaining strength in the market. Can be used on various occasions.

But care in time to compose your visual of fine men’s sportswear look for harmonizing parts. Some opinions differ regarding the use of the jeans and also about the color as the event and the time the jeans more sophisticated is welcome, with respect to color can be light or dark. The ideal and use the models pasted in the body.

Check out 7 tips to fit your one-off look thin male sport.

  1. The location and time must be taken into consideration in choosing the sport thin male costume. For the night, a more sophisticated production is essential. Therefore, the use of a suit or blazer men with more sports pants falls very well, if a marriage ideally use the suit but can dispense with the tie, shoe socks and social.
  2. Even though the suit does not require the use of accessories, evening events, the ideal is to use a dark suit with tie silk discrete, dress shoes and black socks.
  3. The collar of the shirt should be a finger out of his jacket. The sleeve of the jacket should be one centimeter shorter than the shirt and tie must cover the buckle of the belt. The ties should be more classic, avoid the color.
  4. The jacket must be closed when you’re up and open when you sit down. When it closed, the last button of his jacket should stay open.
  5. The pants must have adequate length to hide his sock. The most sophisticated jeans are great bets for this costume. You can also wear pants in denim fabric, denim, gabardine and even tailoring pants. The shoe is more suitable, and can also be used the shoes.
  6. The most used are the polo shirts, Plaid Shirt with small designs, social shirts of button with plain colors or with stripes, v-neck shirts and other. And you can’t miss the men’s blazer. The costume choice depends on the time and place of the event.
  7. If you use the most classic choice and tie with diagonal stripes so you can’t miss it. and should cover the belt buckle. The belt has to be the same color as the shoes. Avoid fabrics with very bright or very print especially with large size. The correct one is that your visual is as discreet as possible.