FileSlick, Scans Files of Your Android by Sliding The Finger

There are many file browsers for Android. Some of them simple and designed for tasks such as examining documents, move them, delete them… Others, however, allow us to have more control and access to hidden folders, using administrator permissions and transfer files via protocols such as FTP.

Today we speak of FileSlick, a browser’s file which features is closer to this second category. Its main difference with respect to other applications: using touch gestures to scroll through the different folders.

FileSlick, the importance of being easy to use

It may sound too obvious but that the design of an application’s interface is intuitive and easy is to use is essential. I think that in the case of the explorers of files charged still more importance since we move a lot of folders and It is convenient to know where we are and what we do.

FileSlick has a simple interface, that allows us to browse our Android memory and always know what we are doing. Thanks to the gestures we can open folders sliding your finger from right to left about it and return back to repeating the same gesture.

It may seem silly, but if we stop to think what we are accustomed to using this gesture on touch screen devices. Integration is excellent and also the transitions between folders they are very fast and pulls or lag are not appreciated. As a point add to this small performance test has been in a Galaxy SII and a Nexus One.

FileSlick, features for everyone

As we said at the beginning FileSlick would enter into the category of versatile file explorers. In addition to allowing us to open folders, files (always with a previous menu suggesting us applications) also can move them, copy and paste them. In fact, the system of file selection It is very simple and allows us to take several simply by clicking on the file or folder in question.

The application has small details that make the difference. Including the possibility of making the photo preview and view the file information, if for example it is a photo tells us model has been taken, or that allows us to explore folders while we are doing any operation of file movement.

It also allows us to make more complex and targeted actions to more experienced users. Namely: use the application with administrator permissions, for which we will need root to do previously, and Configure FTP and SMB servers. Options, although they are not majority usage, more than one will thank.

If we are looking for a file Explorer for our Android or an alternative to other applications such as ES File Explorer or Root Explorer, FileSlick is an option to consider. Number of options and ease of use is an application that is molded perfectly to the most experienced and looking for a simple tool that.

The application is translated to the Spanish and moreover is completely free so if it has struck you feel free to give it a try.

Fileslickversion 1.7.0

  • Version of Android: Since 2.1
  • Developer: RyanZA
  • Download it in: Android Market
  • Price: Free
  • Category: File Explorer