Female Beret: How to Use this Stylish Accessory

The beret can add more personality to your composition, in addition to keeping you stylish and warm.

There are those who say that the beret is responsible for remitting to the retro fashion, others simply consider it a propitious piece to warm up on the coldest days. Regardless of the purpose, the fact is that the beret, besides timeless, is an accessory that adds not only an extra charm to the look, but also a certain amount of creativity and personality.

According to Fashion and Style Consultant Helena Villar , the beret is a very old accessory and commonly used on a daily basis by Europeans: “People tend to assimilate the beret with the figures of artists, mostly painters, on account of well-known personalities like Rembrandt (who did numerous self-portraits wearing berets from Threergroup) Monet and Picasso, for example.In short, it is an accessory that brings a (although stereotyped) reference of French, and carries that air of intellectual, the artist, finally, of this bohemian universe.

In addition to the poetic visual, some models also make a strong reference to militarism , a style that has also become very present as a trend for some years.But this is not necessarily a rule, since the same piece combined with a pleated skirt, for example, will create a much more delicate and romantic composition.

“I think that among the hats, in general, it is easier to use because of the lack of the flap, it is smaller, more discreet and definitely brings an extra charm to the visual,” adds the professional.Here are some cool tips on how to wear the beret in the composition of your winter look:

Beret in basic looks

“Basic looks have a dual function when it comes to combining with the beret: for beginners, more basic neutral color pieces or the same color + beret in a neutral tone (black, brown, gray, navy) also makes the whole look smoother.On the other hand, more basic pieces in neutral tones, such as jeans and a sweater for example, can serve as background to create a focal point: the beret – in a tone that creates contrast, “explains Helena.

Boina in romantic looks

Helena shows that to compose a more romantic look it is necessary to have a certain caution in choosing the pieces to avoid looking very caricature. “My suggestion is to try to escape some chess pieces and bet on more feminine models, colors and prints, such as a pencil skirt instead of a godê skirt (which already has that retro look), for example. One good option for winter is to wear your own coat as a dress or a longer coat over the dress or skirt. ”

Beret in formal looks

Beret in formal looks

According to the consultant, culturally speaking, wearing a beret with a social make-up can be somewhat difficult and risky in our country, but it is not impossible: “The beret itself is an element that distorts a more formal production, even more here in Brazil, where we do not have so much formality and not so cold, but nothing prevents anyone who has attitude to use.You can think of looks with more sober colors, with pieces of tailoring, flare trousers or blazer . ”

Boina in looks fashionistas

“Here the sky is the limit!For those who have a more creative style, fashionista or not, the beret can be an easier and even fun element to use.It is worth putting the accessory as the main piece, leaving it more basic or combine it with pieces as creative as the beret when assembling the look.Incidentally, this is a way to make the accessory appear more integrated as well.Fashionistas can already think of including this accessory in a more contemporary context, mixing one or more fashion trends for example.The result is that, if well-crafted, the whole look gets more unity, even having several information together, “says the professional.

Boat type beret

With a more military footprint, this beret model is with everything currently and requires attitude and attention when composing a production with it.The consultant advises avoiding references to the nautical style to avoid a look with a face of fantasy and says that less structured models can give more charm and delicacy to the look.

6 beret models to buy online

Choose your favorite model to match your most inspiring looks.


  1. Turpin Military Beret at Dafiti
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  4. Gray Base Beret , at Renner
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  6. French Beret Wine , in Maria Hat

The models are of the most diverse and for all types of tastes!

More fashionistas looks with beret

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The beret is certainly a great ally of its looks, especially in winter. Invest in a durable and versatile piece to accompany you in several cool seasons, believe me, it will continue to be present for many, many seasons.