Fashion Trend of September Start in Style

Start the month of September and with him also the new season autumn winter 2015. With 5 fashion ideas you have now, parts with a smile on his lips and style for sale.

Today is September 1st: long faces away from those who have just found out that he had finished the ice escort.

Start the new season, full of opportunities, challenges, objectives and opportunities to be seized.

Uses fashion to enhance the sweet memory of the just lived holiday and look forward positive.

1. Summer Jewels

In September the holiday world and its inherent lightness are part of the daily mood, as well as the tan is a natural beauty tip. To go to the office he continues to wear bohemian jewelry like bracelet faded by the sun and hardened by salt or the thin necklace by tinkling pendants that you brought on summer evenings.

Multi-strand bracelet with tassel, Lonna & Lilly on; gold and silver necklace with pendant and tassel of feathers, Chloè.

2. Shoulder Vain

New season, new bag in the cloakroom. Start light with ultra-feminine model, a shoulder strap with chain that is comfortable and roomy enough to remain vain and chiccosa on everyday look. And if you want to have an attitude modern does not wear it on the shoulder, but grasps the chain as if they were handles of a bag.

Photos show Chanel fall winter model 2:55 mosaic texture; shoulder in lilac leather with silver inserts gillette you.

3. Light Sweater

It is impressive, I know. But starting today, day after day, the temperature will accomplish the relentless back-brands into autumn. Exploits the heat accumulated on the skin and the tanning tone to play with small cotton sweaters to mix in even light summer clothes, mini skirts and dresses. You will have a special charm.

Knitted ribbed crew neck, gap; Sweater in lightweight wool knitted braids, United Colors of Benetton.

4. A New Fragrance

Emotions are the engine of our internal balance. Pamper the beginning of the season with a new fragrance, a scent that is your affinity, you stimuli to look beyond your comfort zone. You can create a custom-made, the experience is worth . From Bar à Parfums – Olfattorio, Milan, Bergamo, Bologna, Turin, Florence and Rome sit at the bar and “taste” the perfumed wine glasses in search of the perfect mix.

  1. Sesson of Shoes

The beauty of starting a new season is also indulge in other physical and mental space for new shoes. Let’s face it, it’s so. For next fall winter there is to lose all sense of reason. Heels large, stable as sculptures and colorful. Stiletto heels, sharp, sexy even during the day and then wrap in soft suede boots to wear pants almost like. And then the folk sandals to wear with heavy wool socks in perfect bohemian style.