Fashion Tips: Vintage Style

A few years ago the vintage style clothes was not within the reach of anyone. Only a few specialist shops or second-hand clothes were able to fill the requirements of who was looking for unique and different clothes for the season. However, nowadays, the vintage style has come back into fashion, and is easily clothings with this look in any popular store.

But not all are advantages! The true vintage clothing has been increasing in price, making it a problem purchasing it for someone who loves retro clothing at a price still affordable from

If you are new to this fabulous and huge world of vintage clothing, but I’d like to purchase some pieces to your wardrobe without having to spend too much money, then follow our next tips:

Dry Your Measure

In the case of vintage clothes cannot rely blindly on standard measures, as is the case with other types of clothes considered more vulgar. Not only their own sizes have been changing over the past 50 years, as in some cases older clothing can be that not have size. To prevent situations of doubt, carefully take your measurements. When you go shopping, take the measuring tape so that it can measure some of the clothes that have different sizes, without the need to try them.

The Most Suitable For You

It is absolutely essential to know analyze your body type at the time of purchase. Not all pieces of clothing will be based, so avoid spending money unnecessarily knowing what type of parts that favor really. For example, if your body is hourglass-shaped, so a full and round skirt dress, style 50 years is an excellent option for you. If you have a long legs and beautiful and a narrow waist, a maxi-dress of years 60 drops him perfectly, like a shirt style 20 years, combined with with some cute high heels and elegant gloves.

The most important thing is that the clothes you choose complement the natural shapes of the body and your favor.

Care After Purchase

It is not only in the moments preceding the purchase must have some care.Also after buying vintage clothing and during use must have your attention to some important details and essential to maintain your good condition.

In many cases, the more likely it is that you purchased a single model, at least in your area of residence and it is therefore difficult to replace if deteriorate, be stained or torn. What we recommend is to ask the seller what better way to clean your piece of vintage clothing. Some parts may be spot cleaned or softer wash programs, but the most sensitive, such as silk or linen embroidered with beads and stones may need more specific care.