Fashion Dilemma: Trench or Coat? If It’s Beige

In any self-respecting wardrobe there is a beige outerwear. men’s trench coat or English?

In any self-respecting wardrobe there is a beige outerwear. men’s coat or trench coat with belt?

Beige is the color passe par tout par excellence able to add quality garments and outfits “day and night”

Impossible not to love him. 
Could not match it
It is impossible not to have it

I propose a little game to find the fly shades of beige that suits you based on your complexion.

The classic and ever-present among the ever green of the wardrobe are her coat 3/4 with double buttons and belted trench English, hug wrists and lateral patella .

Each of women’s coats has its own charm but watch lengths. If the trench may be shortened above the knee, the men’s coat not. If the belt of the trench becomes a habit to let loose in the wind or knotted at the back, the coat you can only place on the shoulders without actually wearing it.


Sweeten the seriousness of the British trench coat with “warm accessories” illuminated by crystals. Choose spotted only on shoes and small accessories. Use the gray as a link.


With that air of decided, sharp and undeniably sexy male beige coat, when paired with a black leather pants, a blue shirt (also in light denim) and a basic and clean clutch, it gives you right away that unmistakable Parisian taste.