Fashion Belts – Pictures and Models

Fashion Belts

The belt is a timeless accessory and very cool, because you can change the fit of a garment. It will getting changes over time, but it never fails to be present in the closets. Each season to your appearance comes loaded with major trends. What changes is the way enough to use it. For a long time we use only at the waist of the pants, lately he has gone up a little bit, assuming the role of “marker” of the silhouette. However, it can be always used the way you prefer.

In summer 2012, obviously, it comes with new and different ways to use. Colors, textures and thickness vary widely. A big trend this season are the vibrant colors.Wide belts, midfielders and the slender have your space. It is important only to know which is best for you. The thin fall well in almost everyone, and the larger, should be reserved for people with long and thin trunk, the drop height of the belt ends up hiding a little bit this region. If you have large breasts and wide trunk, run of this model, the effect of your use may be increasing.

If you are going to use the belt to mark the waist, be careful with the blouse or dress. If the fabric is very structured, the bottom tends to be more voluminous, so if your hips are more topping, prefer lighter fabrics.

To give a modern twist to the belt, do moorings with the left of the tip. Choose models with thumbtacks or buckles adorned is great to highlight the look.