Fashion Basic Blazer: the Best Cut For Your Shape – the Silhouette (Part 1)

The Blazer is one of the basics for any perfect closet. Even if you need any Business attire , you will at some point have an occasion in your life for a Blazer is exactly the right piece of clothing. In addition, that a Blazer of any outfit immediately style makes and is a real character wonders . For me, a base coat without Blazer would be inconceivable at all. But the Blazer is right for you? A variety of detail determines whether you cut a fine figure in this Fashion classic . Of course, the color, the fabric, and the stylistic elements to your fashion style should fit. The cut of the Blazers but plays a decisive role. Because this should be most beneficial for your Figure type.

Today thedresswizard has compiled the most important cut details of classic blazers once for you. I show you how the lines draws the history of view of and how this single body zones are influenced in their visual perception. With this knowledge, you will see your Blazer with completely new eyes!

Yet again, some details have come together, that characterize the style of Blazers, there’s my tips for you in two parts, supplemented by a checklist:

  • Part 1: The cutting details that characterise your outer silhouette
  • Part 2: Structuring section details which have an effect on your figure
  • Fashion timetable: The checklist for your ideal Blazer

This section details are important for the silhouette of a Blazers:

The waist and the volume

What many people first of all we perceive is the exterior silhouette. If you wear a Blazer, which is fitted, your upper body gets an optical waist and a feminine impression immediately. The Blazer has a straight form, so the vertical line of the upper body is emphasized, but also a more angular, masculine-looking appearance. Figure near the Blazer is cut, the narrower they look. A blazer in the oversize shape while your natural shape disappear, carries more but also by its volume and should be combined only with character near garments.

You are a total stronger, then provides a Blazer, which loosely follows your shape and is fitted to the leanest point of your upper body for the silhouette of figured most advantageous and words.

How exactly a waist can technically be implemented and what impact have the different ways, there will be more information to do this in the next post.

The shape of the shoulder

Another detail, which is important for the silhouette, is the shoulder shape of the Blazers. There are enormous differences. Default is the smooth set-in sleeve, falling from the Armhole right straight down. This makes for a nicely shaped, natural shoulder. The sleeves on the upper Armhole is something lined up, so a slightly larger volume and thus a larger shoulder emphasis is. A raglan sleeves in turn ensures a soft, rounded shoulders.

The shape of the shoulder is supported by various, internal padding. This can lift the shoulder as a whole, but also widen and make the desired volume and the desired silhouette. Nothing is secret like as business secrets kept such as the elaborate interior of the shoulders of a high-class Blazers!

For you, it is important to know whether a Blazer to compensate for your shoulders and how. A larger shoulder emphasis is very valuable for A character type . Women with sloping shoulders can compensate for this with a well crafted Blazer shoulder through an appropriate padding. Y figure types make a rounded shape on minimal volume at the shoulders, and need no additional padding. You are a woman with a strong Centre, such as the O-figure type, benefit from a clearly defined shoulder and can achieve this with a Blazer if you have not already stronger shoulders.

The sleeve length

A classic Blazer has a normal long sleeve. This should be enough standing to the thumb root the hand. In addition, there are also Blazer with the so-called “bracelet-length”, where the sleeves shorter fail something, so an wrist watch or a bracelet – but also striking cuffs – are still good to see (English: bracelet, German: bracelet). And also Blazers with Dreiviertelärmeln regularly populate the fashionable stage.

Certainly most diversity can be a Blazer with long sleeve. A shorter arm length can be very beneficial for women with a wide waist and for women with a narrow waist but especially for women with shorter legs, for smaller women.

The shape of the sleeves and the cuffs

A quality Blazer will have always a two-piece sleeves. Because by the sleeves lengthwise in two pieces put together is, the shape of the arm can be mapped much better. Such sleeves make narrower the arms and much more elegant look than sleeves that were made only from a piece of fabric.

Also, two-piece sleeves have the advantage that a real, harmonised slot with buttons can be incorporated to the sleeve hem. There’s also Blazer without sleeves slit or the slot is created only visually, is but does not work, because buttons are only used and worked without buttonholes.

There’s also the option of open, non-backed sleeve slit without buttons. This ensures that the sleeve hem easily jumps up and thus occupies a slightly issued form. Depending on how long the sleeves is, this underlines the delicacy of the wrist either, makes the forearm is narrower or gives you slightly more room for this.

Whether your ideal sleeves with a buttoned slit at the hem should be equipped, is, how much decorative elements you want to place on forearm and wrist. The instructions in the post “5 fashion tips on how you properly styled bracelets” are certainly useful for you.

The hemline and hem form

The length of the Blazers is often very important for an outfit to your body to get appealing proportions. Information, many references in the essay “on vertical proportions and the golden section”. Blazer is there in the wide hem lengths, from taillenkurz, about a length that ends between the femur and hip joint to a length, which ranges into the thigh.

As a general rule: smaller women wear shorter Blazer, more women tend to be longer Blazer. It must be but – not necessarily depending on the outfit -! Much more important is that the Blazers in a place convenient for you ends. And this is definitely not your strongest point!

An important aspect in this context is the form of hem. The Blazer hem makes a straight, horizontal line at the end, the width of this point is accentuated greatly. The front edge of the Blazer is however slightly rounded, so a small formed in mid front until larger A form which cuts off the hem line. Such rounded edges share the Hüftzone and appear this narrower – good for the type of A character but also for all women with a pronounced tummy hip region. Another effect is that this reduces the vertical line of the front edge of the hem from the bottom up. This can be minimally shorter legs appear longer torso. This is good for smaller women, and for all the women who want to gain a little leg.

A further variant of the form of the hem is the different long hem. Because there’s also Blazers, which are shorter in front and slightly longer cut back (they have a rounded hem almost always forward). This is a very feminine form, which enjoys the advantage of, that a bigger butt with shorter jackets receives more coverage (great for the type A with wider Po).

Supplement I want also the Blazers, who have a cut on or scheduled peplum at this point. These accentuate a nice waist (nice for the X type!) – or fabricate such if none exists (the H-type Hello!). And (Y-type attention!) depending on the width, length, and cut of the Schößchens small, flat can be… brought POS to blazing life

The hem of the back of the Blazer

On the back of the Blazers, there are various ways in which the hem can be worked. In addition to a straight or rounded end analog to the front, especially the back slots are.

You should clearly distinguish Blazer without hem slit at the back from Blazers with a central slot and blazers with two lateral slits. The Blazers without back vent and with a simple horizontal straight hem accentuates the horizontal width of the seam zone and otherwise does nothing for your figure. A central hem slit your back to the Po divides into two areas and provides for a narrowing of this zone, as well as for an additional extensions, vertical accent. Also, it provides a pleasant freedom of movement – also for strong waist of your blazers. Two lateral slits in turn emphasize the width of your back longer than the length, so this mule is very detrimental for all women with bigger butt and wider hips.

There are differences in the processing of the slots. The classic Blazer rear slot is a harmonised flat slot. This is not and is the best choice for all normal to strong POS. There are also slots, which with a Slipcover are equipped and this in the middle of the Po for significantly more volume – more female curves for shallow POS including.

Blazers small cutting variants have a great effect on your character.

Already, this section details previously listed clearly show that even small variations in the Blazers cut can have a great visual effect on your character. In the next post you’ll learn some more important cut details, that have a big impact on it, as slim or full, curvy or tomboyish look in their blazers. Stay curious!

If you have time and the inclination, you could ever take a closer look on your existing Blazers and check the mentioned Blazer cuts in your wardrobe, which have found a home in the meantime. Support your figure in the desired way? I look forward to the results of your small Blazers analysis, here in the comments!