Facial Contouring Makeup

One of the features of makeup mostly used by professionals, the technique of facial contour is a kind of factory of illusions. With it, a round face seems more in tune, a nose, lightly prancing, and a prominent Chin is attenuated. That’s thanks to the principle of light and shade, used to highlight what needs to be valued and delete what you want to hide. It’s easier than it looks – the biggest challenge is to find out the points and the right way to apply each product, what we teach in the step by step to the side. The outline more well made is one that is imperceptible. In General, forehead, nose and Chin and darkening the area of the temples.

Basic items to make the outline

You will need an illuminator or concealer in a shade lighter than your skin, another a darker tone and a blush earthy opaque. The use of products with crisp texture to give shadow effect and more creamy to light. Since the effect turned fever, specific products are released all the time. Keep an eye out. The suntan lotions or Illuminators in bat, for example, are a good thing, because they facilitate the application and leave more natural aspect. Another important detail is the choice of brushes: to prepare the skin with the base before starting the outline, choose a long bristle and flat. On finer points of the face, such as the tabs nose, eyebrows and Cupid’s bow (top center of the mouth), use a smaller one, as the shadow. The cheekbones – main point of contour – should be marked with blush brush beveled, whose format fits perfectly on the cheeks.

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Step by step

1) Shadowing

Check with the darker concealer the area below the apples, following, diagonally, towards the temples, on the sides of the nose and the top of the forehead. For the beginners ideal, as stated, is to give preference to the concealer stick. To achieve a natural effect give light Pat with a special sponge for makeup.

2) Light

With the lighter premier-pharmacy.com/product/synthroid/ concealer or Illuminator, highlight the center of the forehead, the highest points of the cheekbones, Chin and on the back of the nose. Currently, there are already several types of illuminator: powder, cream or pencil. Choose the texture that more suits your skin and bet!

3) Highlight

Give finishing with blush-the tone of your choice-in cheekbones. Clear-skinned women should choose shades of pink. For those who have the yellowish-white skin, the ideal is to use the blush in shades of pink to break the yellow background of the face. For Oriental women, she suggests the rosa more closed and the light brown with bronze pigments. Monica already believes that the peach looks good in white and orange skin in Orientals.

The brown skin presents a shade between black and white. Thus, it becomes easier to hit the pink tones and color. brass are ideal, because they give a more natural and healthy appearance. While the open tones look great on white skin, the more closed fall better in brunette. Opt for pink burned, and if you choose a more tom pulled the Brown, prefer the lighter, a dark can leave the heavy visual.

Already dark colours look great on black skin. Blush in color as dark brown, coffee Brown, pink and terracotta burnt match very well with the black woman. The tones of wine and bronze rust are also good in skin. Already the peach and orange tones should not be used by those who have black skin.

The first rule in time to pass the blush is to not let him very marked, this effect is good on any skin tone. Then, consider the shape of your face. Who has a round face, apply the blush from the cheeks pulling the diagonal. For women who have the triangular shape, the right thing is to pass from the Centre to the sides, horizontal. And the square face can focus on the cheeks. To know if you’re really applying the cheekbones for a trick: smiled lightly and they are going up, that’s where the correct place to pass the product.