Facebook Uses Twitter to Deny Network Closure Rumor

Over the weekend a new rumor began circulating the internets tubes series. He said that Mark Zuckerberg had tired of the concerns and problems that came with the administration of a website with 500 million members and that would close the Facebook in March. The source of news was the site Weekly WorldNews, which seems to be quite reliable but stop there. But the text is as legitimate as a note of 3 reais.

The rumors started last Saturday (8), when the site published the text stating that on March 15, Facebook would end global operations. The article even has quite convincing statements, which ensured a bit of credibility. One of them, supposedly Zuckerberg said he “did not care about money” and that “wanted his old life back.”

The official Facebook account on Twitter has denied the rumor on Sunday, saying “We have not received the memo about the closing, so we will keep working. We’re not going anywhere, we are just beginning. “This should have been done because the rumor spread mainly through Twitter. Shortly after one of the employees should have realized the gaffe and posted the same notice in the official Facebook account on the official website page.

Is a tip: do not believe emqualquer thing you read on Twitter, Facebook or any social network updates limited by characters. A search on Google is more than enough to discover the reliability or not a website.