Facebook Shows What Brazilians Most Commented in 2012

It is common that at the end of the year the major social networks and web companies to disclose what else was trend in the year. Thus with Twitter and Google, then Facebook also followed the wave. This week the network of Mark Zuckerberg unveiled what were the issues most discussed by its members throughout the year. And Brazil has received special attention.

In this link you can check out what else was in the trend in the US meme categories, events, movies, books and other subjects. In the technology area, what else was discussed was Instagram, followed by own Timeline of Facebook and social networking Pinterest. The site also shows what was trend in other countries, but we will focus on the following Brazil.

An eye on Facebook, another TV

He was right. The Facebook user in Brazil really want to talk about anything that’s on TV. Among the 10 most popular subjects, three are linked to television. And if you count the game football is broadcast on TV, that number goes up. Topping the list, Avenida Brazil novel Globo, followed by soccer team Corinthians and Carnival. The image below shows the rest of the ranking.

In addition, Facebook also released songs that Brazilians most commented and top of the list is depressed nothing Rolling In The Deep, the British singer Adele. Of the other nine songs, four are the same singer, which indicates that Brazilians are constantly suffering the end of a relationship, I believe. And only one of them is Brazilian.

Already places in trend, which only appeared in the ranking thanks to those users who remember that Facebook also has a check-in option, they are mostly parks and beaches around the Rio-São Paulo axis. Ibirapuera Park in Sao Paulo stay first. Second is the beautiful beach of Ipanema, followed by Copacabana Beach and the Mercado Municipal de São Paulo.

And how was your year?

In addition to showing the main issues discussed in the social network, Facebook has also created a tool that allows users to confer their own special times during the year. The tool, called Year In Review and available here, shows 20 of the most important moments of your life and you shared on Facebook.

It does not seem that there is a specific standardization for choosing these 20 times. When I noticed, seems to be a combination of links or photos that were more tanned, commented or shared throughout the year. For some reason, an image that had shared and 3 shares appeared on the page. Weird.

Anyway, log into Facebook and here’s a retrospective of his year. And if you see any broken relationship, you know which British singer resort.