No matter what type they are, eyebrows are (almost) always a “suffering” for women. But this can be reduced with the tips of some experts on the subject.

Arched, thin, thick, care, curved, losers … There are several types of eyebrow. However, many women still have doubts about it. Among the most common are: how to get them, what the ideal length and where they end and begin. As the face is a real card, it was only fair that he be beautiful and harmonious. For that, don’t imagine that those eyebrows views in a magazine photo will fall. The eyebrow is like fingerprint: each has his. To put an end to any kind of doubt, some professionals tell us all about them. Stay vigilant and get to work … I mean, the tweezers!

Firstly, it is very important to see if your eyebrows need to be made. The makeup artist of L’Oreal, Duda Molinos, in his book “Makeup”, Editora Senac, suggests: “If you want to fix flaws in the eyebrow, or determine an ideal circuit for your face, look, at least the first time, a professional of the subject”. Another question is: take the eyebrows with tweezers, wax or with a razor? Stay mindful! “I’d rather do with tweezers because I have a chance to make a design more beautiful and the probability of error is smaller,” says Daniela Hausser, a beautician from the Maison Esmell. 15 years ago eyebrows specialist, Dora Cramer endorse Mrs. “Take with wax is a sin because it breaks up the muscles in the region, causing sagging and aging of the eyelid”. Bianca Ribeiro, Fisiobelle clinic, ends the matter. “Razor blades, no way! Looks good, not the hair grow fast, is a certain black shadow and there is still the risk of cuts “.

Set the strategy, make sure they have a hair out of place or if you are bent. Then, choose a well-lit place: a place with Sun or bathroom, with enough light. Check the clamp. “Some lost the tip very fast and does not remove the hair from the root, leaving gaps,” warns Dora. Some people avoid doing the eyebrow because it hurts a little bit. For these, the beautician gives the formula. “So there’s no pain, the ideal is to stretch the skin with one hand and with the other, remove the hair. In addition to minimize the pain, prevents the hair blow “. Duda Molinos complete: “Clamp in the direction that the hair it hurts less.

Then came the time to begin pulling out the hair. Brush your eyebrow hairs in different ways. Pay attention to trim them to not remove anything that let failures. “It is common to have the illusion that the hair is solving the design you envisioned when, in fact, your trim makes a different stroke,” says Duda. To set the hand and get the desired eyebrow, take an eyeliner and draw the shape you want. Everything that is outside the drawing should be removed. Easy, easy. A big problem is even the eyebrows. Imagine … You do, do, and when you see … One was bigger than the other. Some people say that the ideal is to get some hair from a stop, take the other and so on. LEDO mistake. “There’s only one way to match the two: go all the way to one side and then imitate what he did, on the other, having the first as an example”, teaches the makeup artist.

For people who suffer because they have the eyebrow without separation, the so-called “coast to coast”, or “brow”, their days of agony are in jeopardy. “In this case, just take any hairs that are among them. This work has to be done every 15 days to not get ugly “suggests Dora. Until vision problems can be minimized with a little work on his eyebrows. “You can turn a sad look in alegre, i.e. raise that look down. With vesgas people, I open a little eyebrow, creating an optical illusion which causes the problem virtually disappears, “the beautician Dayse Maia. Often, the sad look is due to the positioning of the eyebrows. In this case, the bottom of the eyebrow is removed and a pigmentation on top.

For many cases, the pigmentation is the best altenativa. Eyebrows or that failed fatigue are easily corrected with this method. “It’s a reconstructive work. A technique of introduction of pigments through needles into the skin like a tattoo. In this way, we get the aesthetics of the distressed areas of melanin, which is what gives color to the skin, “said Tabet, the Maison Esmell. But attention! If you’ve done the pigmentation, but want to change to give a varied, there has to be a certain caution. “First you have to depigmented to then make a new pigmentation. You don’t do a job on top of each other, because the result may be a disaster, “Dora Cramer. It is very important that you keep in mind that not always the wonder of eyebrow, worthy of a Hollywood artist, can look good on your face. “I try to steer the client to stay with the natural look, without exaggeration. I’m talking about the fads and the risk that something exaggerated can bring, “says Tabet.

Do not overdo it too if you’re thinking about painting my eyebrows. “They should not be painted the same color as the hair,” says Dora Cramer. Therefore, no red hair with red hair, brown hair and eyebrow eyebrows idem. “The ideal is to use a bleaching effect paint without discoloration. Look for the label “suggests Duda Molinos. You’ll notice also that the effect of the dye fades. No reason for concern. “The eyebrow is very different from the hair because the cuticle does not absorb ink for many days. I suggest a weekly touch-up for the result to be more beautiful, “advises Duda. Contrary to the time that is in your hair, dye eyebrows should be removed quickly. “Normally two to three minutes is sufficient. Many dark eyebrows ask for a little bit higher, around six minutes. If the dye stick around a bit longer than normal, is a faded color and the end result leaves much to be desired, “Dora.

So that your eyebrows are a true object of desire, don’t hesitate! See which format combines best with your face and clamp them. Also, and clicked on the Board next to view, in a fairly easy, which is the ideal eyebrow length.